Two awesome websites Hahahaha... please look Ma Petite ^.^

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Two awesome websites Hahahaha... please look Ma Petite ^.^

Post  Guest on Tue Oct 04, 2011 8:21 am

There is a website called House of Immortality. If your in to roleplaying Succubus, Vampires, Were-wolves, Light Bearers, Sorcer's, and etc ect... then this site was made for you hahaha!!

House of Immortality{{My name on there is Kali Ma as well. ^.^}}
houseofimmortality.forumotion .com {{Please take out space for .com}}

Now I know a-lot of you are a fan of books if you love to write. Well if you've ever read the hungers it would be awesome if you joined this site. They only need one more member to go up to 100 and guess what. Their even celebrating because of this. Also you get to roleplaying in the games and in different districts. Be a rebel and such and meet new people. Their very talkative and just love to meet new people and welcome them with open arms. ^.^

The Hunger Games Rpg forum{{My character/account on there is Felicity Mattheus.}}
thehungergames.forumotion .com {{please take out space}}

And that is all for now I guess!! ^.^

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Re: Two awesome websites Hahahaha... please look Ma Petite ^.^

Post  serendipity-rae on Sun Apr 29, 2012 3:00 pm

ayy! a fellow houseofimmortality-er. XD Too bad they're nothing but a guest now...

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