My friend gave me three words Giraffe, Midget, and Purple. The out come:

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My friend gave me three words Giraffe, Midget, and Purple. The out come:

Post  Wolves-Rule1 on Thu Jun 27, 2013 6:57 pm

Ivan sat in his front yard staring off into space. Boredom had gotten the best of him. After sitting for a short time, Ivan found himself somewhere, somewhere very odd. The male stood looking around and rubbing the back of his head. As he looked around, almost everything was purple, the trees, the grass, the birds. He shook his head and closed his eyes.

Once re-opened the male was still in the place. " I've gone insane." He said has he started to walk looking around as he did so. Ivan was so very confused. And then out of no where a huge animal jumped out in front of him. " A giraffe? A freaking purple giraffe? Oh God what did I eat?" Ivan started to walk again shaking his head as he did so. The large animal followed him.

" Go away!" Ivan shouted looking back at the animal. It just stopped sticking it's long purple tongue out at the male.

" Why so rude." Came a squeaky voice.

" What?" Ivan asked looking over at a bush. And out popped a midget, he was also purple, purple beard, purple skin, purple clothes! " Oh God." Ivan said and started to walk hoping it would all go away. But the voice came again.

" You're turning purple!." The little man then laughed and skipped away. Ivan looked down at his hands and let out a small scream.

" What the hell! Get me out of here!" He then heard a voice and jumped blinking he looked around he was back on his lawn, his dad looking down at him.

The man looked at him in a very odd way. " Ivan... Are you high?"

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