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The Cabin
It’s such a pretty place with its wood walls; it looks as if a child had built it from the old link in logs. You know the little log like things you would play with as a kid? Yeah those. It was so pretty the first time we went there, the sun glistened just right over the wood finish making the place look as if it shined. The porch; that wrapped all the way around it was wonderful, there was a deck in the back with benches that rocked. Although the one squeaked every time it was moved. The veiw from the deck with the best of all, it went out across a field, a huge field, with a small river, and cows that roamed across the grassy grin land. It was so pretty with bird boxes in the water. The birds, oh the birds. There were so many of them cranes, eagles, hawks, owls and all other kinds of birds. It was great to see them soaring and flying. On the right side of the cabin on the wood deck was a table, with six chairs two of which would rock. It was fun to sit out there and watch cars go by, an the animals gaze and such. The doors to the cabin were rather hard to open. But the funny thing was the wind could do it with ease. As you sat out side the cabin you would often see deer, they would run across the road and hop like large rabbits over the fences.

Once you got past the door you were within the kitchen it was a small kitchen with a mini fridge, microwave, oven, cupboards, and counters. To the left of coming into the cabin was the bathroom. It was small but nice with a small shower with just a few selves to hold soaps and things like that. A sink that was make from tile and wood it was rather simple. And a toilet, that was just like any other. The handle to the bathroom was an elk antler. After you left the bathroom and crossed over the kitchen, you came to the living room. There was a fireplace that had flames that glew blue like the sky, but the wood was not real no it was made from metel or something of the sort. The flames just danced around them. A television that was rather smll and only had local channels, a love seat, and a couch. In front of the couch was a large pillar that got rather annoying we you were trying to watch the TV. Above the living room was the loft, you had to go up a slightly slanted latter, once you got to the top of that the loft was pretty. It was pretty much the bedroom. It had a rather large bed with red blackets and pillows. The room was always lit nicely with the four windows it had. There were two at the top of the bed and one across the room. That one had no blinds and looked out across the lake. It was always nice in the morning to wake up and look out at the rising sun, or at night watch it go down. It was so beautiful with the light fluffy colors and vibrent reds.

The cabin has a lot of memories even though I’ve only been there twice. We would sit and play games, or watch movies together. ANd in the day we would take trip down to the lake, it was such a pretty lake, always tinted with blues and greens. There aren't many trees along the lake though it's mostly just sadgebrush and bolders. It was also fun to go down to the little river behind our cabin. To look for bugs or jusr roam around. The grass was fun to play in because it stood so tall. Some younger kids would think it was a jungel or something.

Over all the cabin is a nice place. With pretty wood walls, and homey rooms. The scene around it is amazing with a mix of colors, and animals that roam, fly, and graze. The sun shines just right on the cabin to show off it's pretty wood finish. It's such a great placed everyine should vist a cabin some time.

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