Voyage of the Unalight

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Voyage of the Unalight

Post  Shadow Hop on Sat Sep 29, 2012 6:17 pm

Story: As of a few years ago, Earth has been destroyed and turned into solar dust. Many people survived by traveling on space shuttles called Voyagers. All, however, have different names. As you were brought upon this moving city, all you know is it. You grew up on it and lived on it for years. Through your solectial travels, youve made many friends along with enemies. Everyone, due to advanced technologies, has an incliened ability. (this cannot be magical) ALong with your felloe humans, there are also extraterestial being abord the ship. They tend to help and work. Also, your ship, the Unalight, is nearing a deselite planet that has been spotted on the ship's radar. This is an rp inwhich takes place on board and eventually on a new planet with new everything.


Species: (Alien/Human)
Unique Abilities:


1) listen to me
2) if ever sex, it's "fade to black"
3) swearing is permitted but not in excess
4) enjoy and please dont join and then not do anything
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