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  1. -Wolf-Girl-
    Humor : I have to go battle the monkey in my bathroom now...
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    Rank: Roleplayer
  2. administrator bailey.
  3. C.L.Unicorn
    Humor : Can a turtle really choke on a spoon?
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    Rank: Experienced Roleplayer
  4. Kat
  5. Paranoiac Razor
    Humor : i dont like you go away.
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    Rank: Roleplaying Prodigy
  6. RoseAnnStyles
    Humor : Hi there and so you know, Harry Styles is mine. <3
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  7. ScarletTheKitty
    Humor : Humor? Hmmm, lemme think *strokes invisible beard with a smirk* Whaaaat up bobbeh joe
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  8. Seether
    Humor : i'v got swag bro
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    Rank: Beginner
  9. starr
  10. That-Awkward-Kid

Rank: Roleplaying Legend
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