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Post  That-Awkward-Kid on Fri Mar 09, 2012 1:00 pm

Yes, there are rules, though we make sure no rules will prevent anyone from roleplaying the way they want :)

But before I get into the rules, I would like to say Bailey and I created this website to be a haven for all people to come and roleplay, make friends, have fun, and just be happy. Please try your best to keep this site a happy and welcoming place for everyone. Bailey and I have done our part in creating this site, and now it's your turn to do your part and enjoy yourself.

Now for the rules. The rules are mainly for the benefit of all, but if there is a certain rule you do or don't see here that you would like to be changed, removed, or added, please PM one of the Admins or Mods and we will see what we can do.

1. No name calling or speaking to another in any way that may be taken offensively. If you said something to someone and they took it offensively but you didn't mean for it to hurt their feelings, simply apologize and let them calm down.

2. When someone is picking on you DO NOT FIGHT BACK. DO NOT FIGHT BACK. It will just make things worse and turn an argument into a war. Instead, please contact one of the several Admins or Mods and we will make sure this stops to ensure a happy time on this website.

3. Fighting is not tolerated on this website, in casse you didn't get that from Rule #1.

4. Signature lengths may be no longer than the length oof your index finger. If you put your finger up to the screen and your signature exceeds the length of it, it is too long. If you're not sure if your sig is too long, just ask an Admin, Mod, or Mini-Mod and we can help you out.

5. Profile pictures may not be too big either. When you upload the profile picture, if you find it stretched the page or is unreasonably long please change it. If you aren't sure if your profile picture is too big feel free to contact an Admin, Mod, or Mini-Mod about it and we will help you out.

*For violations of Rules #4 and #5 you will not recieve a warning for suspension unless you do not change your sig/pic when an Admin, Mod, or Mini-Mod asks you to.

6. When Roleplaying you MUST use fades to black if your characters are going to have sex. You may include no details past removal of shirt.

7. You may not PM people asking them to join your roleplays unless you are inquiring about a Private Roleplay.

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