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My Two Sense

Post  Dancin' Kate on Thu Mar 08, 2012 2:55 am

My Two Sense

Well, lately I've noticed a lot of pissing and moaning from a lot of the members on this site; and almost everyone is victim to it. Albeit, even I sometimes lapse and fall into insanity... but, as I've noticed about myself, I tend to be the voice of reason in chaotic situations. So, this is my voice of reason reaching out to you and asking that read, re-read, think about it, re-read again, and then finally let it sink in. With that said, here it goes:

1.) First off, because I am a Christian and a strong believer in God, I am appalled at all the judging, blaming, and hating going on in this site. FACT: We are all sinners and deserve no less than to die everyday. So who are you to judge someone else when you are just as guilty? You are not perfect, nor do you know everything there is to know about everything. So don't act like it. 

2.) WE ARE ALL CHILDREN ON THIS SITE. Albeit, some of us have a higher level maturity than others, but nonetheless, we are all kids. Therefore, no one can really tell someone, "I'm older than you so shut up." I'm barely fourteen, but since I was ten I've been told by ADULTS and SENIORS that I act and speak like someone much older. My good friend Noey (Rawr) once said something;
"Age is but a number- experience knows no age." In this case, what she said is very true. We have all been through different amounts of pain in our lives, but that doesn't change anything. Just because you think you have the worst life in the world doesn't give you the right to ignore other peoples problems. Because to them, it may be a HUGE issue. 

3.) Lately I have been disappointed in the lack of discipline on this site. On the Terms and Agreements you have to accept before registering, it says:
"SMS talking is discouraged." Yes, I paraphrased. But, that doesn't change my point. I see a TON of SMS talking all over and NO ONE is enforcing the Terms and Agreements. 

4.) I agree with the statement that beginning need to start out small and work their way up. And its true. Admit it, we were all one-line posters at some point in our RolePlaying days. Even I, the great, almighty, awesmazing and epic Kate once wrote dinky little posts. But I changed; I improved my writing skills and became, in my eyes, one of the more literate roleplayers. But here's the problem; no one is working their way up. This may be because no one is encouraging people anymore, and this I can understand. It's hard to RP with people who don't go as in detail as you, but you have to try to help them. It's why I join the some of the RP's that I do; because I want to help improve my fellow role-players writing skills so they can become better.

5.) This site does need a set of limiting and WRITTEN rules. It's a proven fact throughout history that when laws are written down, the community grows healthier and expands. I'm not saying we turn this site into a hierarchy with one almighty Admin who dictates what is legal and illegal. At the same token, I'm not saying that we should all run around this site with no limitations or restrictions. People who join this site need to be aware that you cannot stay a one-sentence poster the ENTIRE time you are here. At some point, you need to take the initiative and step up to the plate of improving your writing. 

I could say more, but I was writing all this at 10 o'clock at night. >.> So, please go easy on a grammar/spelling/English errors. Also, please take into consideration everything I have said. I don't say this to make you all feel inferior or stupid; I do it to make you aware that things do in fact need to change. 
Thank you,

~ Lou ~
October 26, 2001 - September 17, 2012

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