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Just A Reminder

Post  That-Awkward-Kid on Sun Feb 19, 2012 1:32 am

Remember that Tiger and Bailey are also Admins so they can help you out and they help run this site too. Tiger is really great to talk to because she can help you out with any site questions and rules. Bailey is always moving roleplays into archives so the forum doesnt get clogged and shes also really great to talk to for advice on better roleplaying and even real life problems. :)

We also have lots of mods and mini mods who can help you out with anything else you may need. Dont be shy, were all friendly here :)

I love Bailey, Rise, Rawr (and her twin whose hair flips the wrong way), and Starr. They are my best friends ever. But I love Bailey the most because nobody can compare to her.

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