Kat's Characters, Updated.

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Kat's Characters, Updated.

Post  Kat on Thu Feb 09, 2012 11:40 am

Part one, Pictures!!! :)

For me and Zar's private roleplay:

Noelle Eliza Smyth:

Private roleplay with Wolf-Girl, CL, and Zarrr:

Ava Celia Hart:

Rosalie Lucia Vehga:

Thayer James Dalton: Thayer is an overall... Big guy. He stands roughly six foot one and is fairly strong. His cocolate brown eyes and pitch black hair seem to mix together well and some say he is attractive. From living in California all of his childhood until he was fifteen, his skin is a beautiful tan color. His perfectly straight hair goes barely past his ears, and no longer. He got the "emo" type bangs, I guess you might say. (Will add more eventually.)

trying to become a better roleplayer, writer, and singer. pm me with any tips!
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