***Looking For Moderators and Mini-Mods***

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Re: ***Looking For Moderators and Mini-Mods***

Post  Guest on Sun Jan 22, 2012 8:10 pm

Why you wish to be a Mini-Mod: cause it wil be super awesome
What you will do if you are given this job/how will you contribute to this website:mi will help with idea and update for this website
How often you are online: everyday!
How many different roleplays are you an ACTIVE part of: 3
Why you should be a Mini-Mod: cause i want to help make this site really huge and famous with good idea

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Re: ***Looking For Moderators and Mini-Mods***

Post  Guest on Thu Jan 26, 2012 6:23 pm

thanks guard best early birthday present ever

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Re: ***Looking For Moderators and Mini-Mods***

Post  Guest on Thu Jan 26, 2012 8:42 pm

Why you wish to be a chatbox mod: cause i like keep this website clean
What you will do if you are given this job/how will you contribute to this website: i will watch everyone carefully make sure there no cussing or fussing between people.
How often you are online: ya
How often you go on chatbox: couple time but i can go on more
Why you should be the chatbox mod: to help keep this site clean and safe

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Re: ***Looking For Moderators and Mini-Mods***

Post  Guest on Sat Jan 28, 2012 12:11 am

Wait, am I a chatbox mod, or not?

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Re: ***Looking For Moderators and Mini-Mods***

Post  starr on Wed Feb 15, 2012 9:21 pm

loveyy! i was a mini mod, or mod or something, and i already filled out a form..
do i have to do it again??
cause i will:)
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Re: ***Looking For Moderators and Mini-Mods***

Post  JENOVA's SOLDIER on Mon Feb 20, 2012 11:02 pm

I know this wasn’t one of the choices, but I’m going to be honest in saying that the Admin-ship hasn’t been very good on this site from what I have seen so far, so I do want you to look this over and see if I… Have what it takes.

Why you wish to be a Administrator: I wish to be an Admin because I have found, recently, that this site is lacking in good administration. When an admin starts agreeing with suggestions that are completely false, some sort of step in the form of action should be taken, don’t you think? I would like to think you do. That is the only reason I ‘wish’ to be an admin. I see potential in this site but it will go nowhere is rules like that are enforced.

What you will do if you are given this job/how will you contribute to this website: I will try my hardest to make this into a good, respectable RP site, if we knock of a bit of the childish atmosphere of it, you could get a lot more people joining, (the Comic Sans throws people off) . I can code, only the basics, but it’s still something. I see quite a few things that are missing from this site that it could definitely benefit from, so I would try to act in the best interest of the site itself as well as it’s many members.

How often you are online: I lurk online all the time. Weekends: Nearly 24/7… Weekdays: Between 6:00-7:30 AM and 3:30 – till whenever I go to bed. I can be on, I would probably keep it open in a tab but busy myself with other stuff… What I usually do.

How many different roleplays you are an ACTIVE part of: To be honest with you, none. Because the ones I was were deleted. But this shouldn’t have anything to do with whether you can be an admin or not, that is silly. If you want a number. 5 I believe, none of which are on this site, but if you would like an example of one of my posts well:

Post Example:

The steps he took through the barren hallway echoed loudly through his ears, his pace a steady beat against the solid floor; the door at the end of the hall slowly coming closer and closer. His long ponytail brushed against his neck as he stopped at the door opening it and stepping into the room with an air of superiority. Everyone who sat at the long table within the room stood and bowed as he walked in. One of them stepped forwards and bowed deeply, “Welcome Alexander, sir.” The pointed eared man said before standing straight and motioning to the head of the table where Alexander was to sit.

Alexander stepped forward making sure his jacket fell nicely as he sat down in his spot and crossed his arms over his chest. “You can sit down Lucien.” He said in a nonchalant voice motioning to the Lucien’s seat with a small dismissive wave of his hand. He looked around the table at the other people who sat before him before letting his eyes rest on a young woman with nearly orange brown hair done up behind her head. “Emilia, if you would.” He said with a nod, telling her to start the meeting.

Emilia stood up, crossing her arms over her stomach, as though trying not to cover up the large amount of skin she was showing off in the tight navy-blue dress she wore, something Alexander didn’t particularly care for. He had been turning down her advances for years now, he had always liked the way she held herself, how she was not afraid to speak up about what she had in mind and what she wanted but he didn’t see her as anything except a wonderful ally.

“We’ve been moving out as per your command, and we’ve managed to get the surrender of the neighbouring countries. Facilities have been set up and people are now being analyzed. Though that isn’t my field…” She began, giving a sharp look to a bespectacled man sitting across the table from herself, “On my line… we have been doing fine with what we have, but one of our enemies has been working on a new line of weaponry in secret and we’re going to need to either put more into weapon development or find a way to put a stop to them or steal what they already have. Of course I would not turn down the idea of doing all of those options.” She said with a shrug, dropping her arms from her stomach to rest on her hips. She turned her attention completely to the bespectacled man, “If our dear Samuel were to lend some of his minds over to Weapon Development, I’m sure we’d be able to improve our current weapons and the plans of the enemy’s weapons.”

Samuel stood up slamming his hands against the table, usually a timid man; he was always one to speak his opinion when it came to his field. He was a strong man despite his almost frail appearance and small frame. “We need to concentrate our work on what we have going on right now, Emilia.” He practically hissed the name. Alexander himself had heard of the disputes between the two of them from Lucien, how Samuel disliked the way Emilia acted the way she tried to get Alexander’s attention with the clothing she wears.

“And what exactly would that be!? I haven’t seen anything of any usefulness come out of that damn laboratory of yours in years, Sammy.” Emilia scoffed, standing in a way to show that she would not stand down on the issue, she was very set on what she was saying, just as set as Samuel was. Alexander sat back frowning slightly but letting the two bicker, though a couple of the other men, squadron commanders, seemed to be a little bit bothered by the constant bickering between the scientist and the weapons specialist.

“Just because we don’t think that the only useful machines are those used to spread mass panic and gore, doesn’t mean we’re not coming up with revolutionary inventions of our own.” Samuel stated. “We’re at the critical point of coming up with a form of communication that will be handheld and untraceable by our enemies, something that will be quite a bit more useful than a weapon.” Samuel said with a smirk.

“Yes, Samuel, how much longer until that is finished? It’s tiresome not letting our troops contact us for fear of interference.” Both Samuel and Emilia froze when Alexander spoke up and turned to look at him, both blinking, before they looked to one another again. Samuel smirked and Emilia sat down again and Samuel stood up straight, straightening the tie from the formal wear he wore underneath his lab coat.

“We should have a functional prototype finished within the week sir; if everything goes as planned we should be able to start mass producing them the week after, have enough to ship out by the end of next week.” Samuel explained with a small bow to his leader who nodded slowly as the information was given to him, keeping an unreadable expression on his face.

“What about personal ones for just this group here? How long would it take to have fully functional devices for 12 people?” Alexander inquired.

“Mid next week without a problem.” Samuel said shaking his head. “If we don’t run into any problems it should not be a problem.” He said with a small smile, clearly quite proud of this invention himself, knowing he was going to bring this whole thing in their favour, with an untraceable radio signal they would be able to fight much easier, without any worry of being found out before hand, the world would be something they would easily be able to capture, Samuel had no doubt that with Alexander leading them there was no way that they could fail.

If.” Emilia said with a laugh looking off to the side and rolling her eyes.

Samuel opened his mouth to say something in response but was beaten as another man stood up, his light brown hair slicked back and a frown on his face his large frame intimidating and the power he seemed to resonate even more so. He crossed his arms and frowned and the auburn haired woman. “It would be much more appealing for you to keep your mouth shut while others are talking. Didn’t the last version of the machine gun you design end up being nothing but a waste of money, exploding in the face of its user. What was the result of sending those weapons out on the field, Michaels?” The tall man said turning to one of the commanders.

Michaels bowed his head solemnly and shook it from side to side, taking of his uniform hat and setting it on the table in front of him, “A dozen dead, and a couple dozen more injured. One of the machines backfired in the face of one of the users and injured men around him, another two completely blew up due to blockage.” He recited, clearly not liking having to list off the dead. The tall man nodded and turned back to Emilia who avoided his look glaring at the ground beside her.

“Now, Emilia, if you would kindly keep your comments to yourself, it would be much appreciated.” Lucien stated sharply.

“Lucien, please sit down. You too, Samuel.” The tall man sat down, and Samuel who didn’t even seem to notice he was still standing sat down and Alexander was silent for another moment before he began to speak, “Emilia has a point, as did Lucien… we will have to put more funding into weapons development. Samuel doesn’t have the men to bring into the department now. If you truly wish you can bring in new people, as long as we remember the entrance test. Samuel seems to have everything going quite well so no additions needed funding or personnel wise. Now… to the actually plan of action.” An almost evil smile pulled onto his lips as he changed the topic to the attack at hand, this was very clearly his favourite part of the meeting. “We have successfully taken over enough land at this point, but we still have to purge the population and we should wait before advancing, we have to be very careful about possible uprisings from within the new boundaries.” He explained. “Commanders, please share any signs of revolt.”

The same Michaels who had spoken before spoke up at the point, slipping his hat back onto his head as he did so, “There is a rebellious force coming in from the north who seem very set on attack us, a rather large group at that.” He explained to Alexander who nodded slowly to the answer. He turned to Lucien who was also nodding, he turned to Alexander and spoke in a hushed voice in a language no others at the table understood, one that the two often conversed in, a native tongue of Lucien’s. The words of the larger man seemed to bring an amused look to Alexander’s face as the black haired leader turned back to the others.

“Very interesting, we will meet them. I myself will personally go.” He said standing up, “Lucien of course will go by my side.” He added looking to the pointed eared man who nodded slowly as though he thought nothing aside from that, which he surely did. He was more loyal to Alexander than any of the other people who sat at the table before him. “I will meet these troops myself in a week’s time. Michaels and Conner please acquire enough troops for the excursion… I do plan to come back with multiple hostages so Samuel would you please ensure that we have space on B4.” He went on, everyone giving him a quick ‘yes sir’ when called for. “If that is all, then I am closing this meeting, it was very nice to hear all of this, now come Lucien we’re going now.” He said before turning and walking out of the room his long jacket flourishing with the movement.

Lucien held the door open for him and he walked back through the hallway to the elevator that would bring him up to his personal quarters. “This will prove to be very interesting, and I will be able to get rid of a severe annoyance. It will be fun, don’t you think, Lucien?” He asked turning his amber eyes to the tall man who nodded slowly. “Yes, dying by my hands, he should be happy, don’t you think?” He questioned.

“Yes sir, everyone should think of it as an honour to die by your own hand. A lucky man he is, dying by your blade.” Lucien said lowering his head, though his face didn’t make it seem as though he really meant his words there was truly nothing he meant more than those words. He would never utter something not completely true to Alexander. He worshipped this man, he worshipped the ground he walked on. This man was his saviour and he would follow his every word for the rest of his life. He would lovingly spend the rest of his life as Alexander’s personal door opener if it meant he was of any importance to the man who now smiled at him the way one might when going about praising a dog, he didn’t care, if Alexander wanted him to be a dog he would get on all four and bark for him.

People saw Alexander as insane, as a murderer, but it was Alexander who brought him salvation who saved him and gave him a purpose on this Earth, and he believe dearly that everyone should see Alexander the way he saw him, Alexander’s ideals were perfection beyond a doubt. This man’s words would no doubt, in time, be law, be more important than the words of ‘god’. No, he would be a god amongst men, he would bring himself the title and people would worship him the same way Lucien did, Alexander deserved it.

He could feel the enormous presence beyond him, it hit him like a wave. The sheer feeling of the army that loomed before him. He himself was in the middle of his cavalry; the foot soldiers were to either side of them. He himself rode something that Lucien had introduced him to, it was quite a horse but it wasn’t all that different. The blind animal he rode one was designed for fighting, it stood a foot and a half, at least, above the horses around it and had its own armour like plating along its front, neck, back and flank. Long horns that shone as though made of metal protruded from its head in place of a mane, as well as covering its tail. It was best used when controlled by a human but the blind creature was just as fearsome on its own. Apart from the horn and fearsome size the animal also had its own wolf like jaw, carnivorous teeth perfect for puncturing and slicing. A ‘war horse’ if there ever was one, a Nazarnir.

Lucien was on a very similar animal beside him, his animal though was adorned with what was like a blade on its face and it had small eyes to see. A Leynir. Lucien’s animal stopped the ground and whinnied. “Are you going to head to the meeting point first, as planned sir?” Lucien asked with a frown looking up at his leader, who had his arms crossed his chest as he inspected the field before him. Alexander let out the lightest of laughs and Lucien could already tell what the other man’s answer was going to be.

“Give the signal, give them a little surprise, I’ll head over to the meeting area now, you join me when everyone is in battle.” Alexander said riding forward towards where he was supposed to be meeting the leader of this opposing army. Behind him he heard Lucien blow the whistle which told his troops to move forward and attack, much to the surprise of the people whom they were attacking. Alexander laughed as people rushed at one another. He sped his Nazarnir up to get over to the hill on which he was supposed to be meeting the leader of the other army, who was clearly going to be none too pleased with Alexander’s premature attack, he wasn’t going to wait and talk it over when all of these people deserved to be dead.

He stopped his Nazarnir and jumped off of the animal patting it once before stepping forwards and looking out at the field where people were shooting and hacking at one another. His own people had brand new guns that most of the world had yet to see, it was what happened when you had two teams working on different and more powerful weapons and technology. He smiled and crossed his arms.

His long black hair was tied up again, as it usually was. He wore a long black jacket with padding very clear on the shoulders and arms, some on his chest, but most of his armour was thin and worn under his jacket, invisible to the naked eye, his team was very good and making nearly invisible bullet proof armour which Alexander was quite pleased with, they had saved his life quite a few times already. He wore more armour on his legs down to his knees and tall boots with a multitude of straps and high heels covered the rest of his legs. A rapier hung off of his waist and a gun was hidden under his arm, inside of his jacket.

He looked at the group and saw that Lucien had gotten a little bit more preoccupied with what he was doing in the battle. The half-elf was tearing through groups with his blade mounted Leynir which tore people to shreds just by lifting its head, throwing them through the air. His own personnel seemed to be avoiding Lucien as much as possible, it was very clear everyone on the field was equally as terrified of the Leynir that was so perfectly controlled by the half-elf, not that Alexander could blame them, he looked over at his own Nazarnir that was trotting impatiently on the spot as though it wanted to go join the Leynir in the battle, he couldn’t blame the creature, Alexander himself wanted to join the fray as well, but he did have some work to do, he had to put some effort forward and actually talk to this man who was no doubt going to try and take his life, as many had before, all of whom had learned their place the hard way afterwards.

He felt a shudder through his spine as he watched a person get stuck on the top of the Leynir’s blade and get flung around like a rag doll, spraying Lucien with blood, the smile that the other man held the cause of the pleasurable shudders that went up and down his body, this was the beginning of purging the land of all of those who were not up to Alexander’s standards, it would take a while to clean up this land, but when they did they would find Eutopia, a society where everything was thought of in a way that was perfection, every single human being would be perfection and every child born into this land would be as well, they would be taught to share the same ideals as Alexander, and if they didn’t they would be killed, it was as simple as that. At least, it was to Alexander, clearly there were still people who opposed his idea of a perfect world, people like the man he was to meet right now.

He had no idea where this man was but he was starting to get impatient, he knew the man he was to be meeting, he had met him before, even if only for a split second in the past. It had been not long after he had achieved his original place as leader of warfare that he met a young woman who was very quick to oppose him.


”Alexander.” She said lightly getting the younger Alexander’s attention easily. He turned to her, amber eyes narrowed, but nearly as sharp as they were years later. “You’re going too far. I understand a detention centre for criminals but these people didn’t do anything wrong. Most of the people that you are locking up are children.” She had light brown hair which was done up at the base of her skull, curling into one long ponytail. She was a secretary of one of the higher ups, so he did have to see her quite a bit, and he never had really liked her but he had seen some sort of potential in her.

“They are not children, they are nearly adults, and they have not had the proper mindset instilled in them, they do not know how to be strong, they must be cleansed, or they should die. It’s as simple as that.” He explained with a shrug of his shoulder meaning to end this small conversation with that, but the look of disgust on her face was enough to show him that she was not yet finished with him.

“’Proper mindset’?” She repeated, “You’re going too far with this Alexander. What is the President going to say about this when he finds out!?”

“You say that as though he doesn’t already know… Albeit he doesn’t know much of anything… but he does know that I have started to cleanse this world of the weak people who reject my ideals.” He said with a smile and laugh.

“What are you going to simply kill everyone who doesn’t think the exact same things you do?” She hissed in question. “Everyone who you deem weak should die? Is that it!?” She motioned with her hands, her voice raising to a yell as she spoke to him as he turned to look at her in disgust.

“You don’t understand. You won’t understand. And here I thought you’d be able to understand what I was saying after being introduced to the idea, but you are not better than those teenagers being tortured in the basement… Maybe I should have you added to their ranks… maybe I should try to see if this way of training a person doesn’t have to be used on a young mind, maybe it would work just as well as a person who has already entered adult hood.” He said with a frown reaching forward and taking her chin into one of his gloved hands and turning her face up to face him.

She struck his hand away stepping away from him. “I’m going to ensure that you can’t continue with this, Alexander. What you are doing is wrong and it shouldn’t be allowed.” She continued to back away from him and he just put his hands behind his back and glared at her. “You won’t get away with something this disgusting Alexander, even if I have to get rid of you myself I won’t let you continue with this.” She said before turning and running away from him as though running would do her any good. He could have pulled again and shot her there while she ran from him, but he wanted to make an example of her, he wanted to make sure people knew what would happen to them if they tried to oppose him.

“She really did have potential… what a pity…”

Within the next month he had risen even further in the rankings of the building and now not only had an influence in the military but he was gaining more control of the economy and the rest of the government. People listened to him, many people saw him as a true leader, someone who knew what he was doing and knew how to do it. Someone with good ideas and a strong will, while others still saw him as insane and someone who should be dealt with before they could gain too much power, but no one seemed to pay attention and those voices who rose up against him slowly began to ‘disappear’. It was very normal for him now to go out and kill those who spoke up against him during the nights and get rid of the bodies, listing them as missing people, knowing that slowly people would conform to the fact that if you stand up against Alexander and his ideals that you would ‘disappear’ forever.

One of these nights the person he was to take care of was the one whom had spoke up against him nearly a month ago, a secretary who had quit her job a couple weeks beforehand. He was quite happy to be taking care of this one himself. He was quite happy when he stepped up to the house and rang the doorbell. It seemed like a nice place it was almost a shame. The person who answered the door had to be a couple years younger than he was. Alexander showed his badge before stepping in without even acknowledging the other man.

“Leon? Who was at the door?” It was a familiar voice and Alexander followed it into the living room of the house where she was sitting, curled up in a rather comfy looking chair reading a book. Alexander smiled as he looked at said Leon then back to her as her eyes widened and she dropped her book jumping to her feet and backing up to the wall. “Al-Alexander!” She was already very quick to panic seeming to look around for a way out right off the bat.

Alexander just smiled and pulled the gun out of his jacket, loading it and cocking it. “I don’t know if I told you this, but you never had the authority to use my first name. It should have always been Mr. Chain to you. I would have thought someone as lowly as you would have known how to address your superiors.” He said smiling as though talking to a friend, “What a shame. You stand against me and I’ll have to strike you down. Good night.” He aimed and fired and that was it. She slid down the wall and he walked forward putting another bullet in her head to ensure the kill. He looked over her should and saw the man who had answered the door standing in the doorway seemingly frozen in shock and fear, a weak trait that Alexander saw as useless but he had no reason to get rid of this man, so he left him.

He pulled a hand held radio off of his belt and hit the button, “You can come in, Lucien.” He said into the speaker before walking away, gun still in hand. He walked right past Leon and out the door as Lucien, a man whom he had just recently saved from the hole where he had been living, and out into the winter air outside. He was done for now, and he was quite pleased with himself.


At the time he would have never expected this man to end up being his most… annoying enemy. As it would seem the other had been building up a resistance for a long time in another country and was now acting out completely on his hatred for Alexander, not that the raven haired leader was complaining, any reason to kill the man was a good reason in his opinion but he would play fair with it, for the most part. He did have to maintain an image as a good leader, and people won’t care if he stretched the truth and said that the opposing team initiated this attack.

He ran a gloved hand over his slicked back hair as he turned away from the battle and faced his horse, his back to everything, knowing it wasn’t the best idea but it was how he was he didn’t care, he had nothing to fear. If worst came to worst he would be shot, the vest would save his life and Lucien would take care of whoever it was who tried to take his life this time around, no matter how much he would have loved to do it himself. But he had a feeling he didn’t have to worry about being shot in the back, any person who thought of themselves as a hero would not shoot someone in the back, that wasn’t the hero approach to things. He would, but it wasn’t how hero’s did things.

His Nazarnir stomped at the ground a few more times and he wondered briefly if he really cared who’s team it tore through as long as it was working. The thinking it over took a few seconds before he stepped towards the animal smacking it’s flank. The well trained animal who was trained to be able to battle whenever it wanted if it was given the appropriate signal, reared before charging away into the fight, Lucien would bring it back for him in the end, he had no doubt that the horse like animal would easily out live every single human who was no on the field, there was no way someone could win against him.

He turned back to look out at the battlefield as he waited for the ‘hero’ who wanted to put an end to his ‘reign of terror’. People with that mindset… he really did have to get rid of them, and he had to get rid of them quickly before they really began to get annoyed by it all. He didn’t know how many fights like this one he could get into without getting incredibly bored with them. He let out a sign and shook his head but he couldn’t help but smile, standing at the top of this hill, his hands locked behind his back as he watched the purging of the world.
And yes, that is just ONE post. It is over 4000 words long. Which, in hindsight, is longer than a lot of the RPS on here. Just sayin’

Why you should be a Admin: I am the 2nd oldest member of this site, in my last year of high school. I am best friends with both of the two who are in their first year of University on here. I have been Rping for 8 years. I have run a dozen sites myself in the past. I know how to Code. I know what people look for in an RP site. I know what rules and suggestions to listen to and which ones to pass on. That is why I should be an admin.

Thank you for listening and I do hope you take this into consideration, despite this not being open for people trying to apply as Administrators.


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Re: ***Looking For Moderators and Mini-Mods***

Post  Dancin' Kate on Mon Feb 20, 2012 11:07 pm

If this was vote-for-whoe-should-get-the-position, I would so vote for you to be an Admin, Jenova.

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Re: ***Looking For Moderators and Mini-Mods***

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