The legend of Lake Miller. Will Ella and Danny risk their life to find the truth?

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The legend of Lake Miller. Will Ella and Danny risk their life to find the truth?

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The characters:

Name: Ellathan Kitchrick
Nickname: Ella
Age: 14
Eyes: ( But More Life Like)

Name: Danivun ( DannyVun) Kitchrick
Nickname: Danny
Age: 18
Hair: Like in pic but like his sisters in color

Name: Donlooven Kitchrick
Nickname: Don
Age: 11
Eyes: Dark Drown like my mamma
Hair: Just like Ellas in color.

Name: Hollivun Kitchrick
Nickname: Holly
Age: 13
Looks: ( I got my pappas hair and his eyes)

Name: Jonavin Kitchrick
Nickname: Jona
Age: 35
Looks: Just a classic Indian woman.( Only cause I can't find a good pic. If any of you find one please let me know.)
Hair: Same as Ella but a bit longer.
Eyes: ( Just like Danny)

Name: David Kitchrick
Nackname: Dave
Ahe: 38
Hair: Blonde like Hollys

Name: Marvinas Kullervun
Nickname: Marvin
Age: 17
Hair: Just like in the pic.
Eyes: He has hazle eyes that are a mix of blue green and brown. Mostly blue.

Name: Ravuniller ( Raven-Iller) Demodexi
Nickname: Raven
Age: 18
Eyes: Just as they looks

Name: Shanevean Luxer
Nickname: Shane
Age: 14
Eyes: Blue very blue.

[b]The Legend Of Lake Miller

[b]Will Ella and Danny risk their life to find the truth?

Chapter 1
The Discovery

The Legend Of Lake Miller
Will Ella and Danny risk their life to find the truth?
Chapter 1
The Discovery

It was a cool crisp morning in the small town of Wolf Point, Montana young Ella Kitchrick and her brother Danny where doing there normal checks around there farm. Ella looked around the horse stalls, all the horses were accountable for, and well. She turned and walked back out. As she walked into the woods her older brother following behind her, she heard a noise. A twig snapping? She didn't know. She slowly looked around.
" Danny, did ya hear that?" She said in her country accent.
" Hear what?" Danny asked, he hadn't heard a thing.
" Never mind, I guess I was just hearing stuff." They went back to walking. Ella had a wierd feeling that something was watching her, but here in Wolf Point there always was something watching you. So she just shrugged it off. They came to the small stream and Ella slipped her shose off and dipped her toes in the cool water. Danny came and sat down next to her. The woods were very quiet the only noise was the calming sound of the stream, and the birds singing their morning songs.
Danny had brought his trusty rifle just in case anything came around. Ella closed her light blue eyes, which were not like most peoples eyes around here. Most of them where brown or a dark dark gray, but her pappa wasn't from around here. He was white, with blonde hiar and light blue eyes. Most of the people around here were Indian, but there was a hadful like her pappa with the white skin and light fetchers. It was nice to have the sun on her skin and the wind in her face. She loved it outside, but not outside hunting, or fishing. Outside walking or just sitting taking everything in. Danny on the other hand, well if he saw a rabbit run past it would drop dead in a matter of secods. And, fishing his line wouldn't even hit the water before he had something on the line.
" So what are we planning on doing today?" Danny asked his sister with a white smile.
" I don't know, you wanna go for a ride latter or something like that?"
" I don't know." He shook his head and layed back in the grass. " Wait we should go to the lake."
" Which one?" There were many lakes out here, but one that Ella would never go to in her life. Lake Miller, the legend is if you got into that water. Or even anywhere close to it, you would never come back. It did funny things to your head, or so people say. There was only one man who had ever came out of Lake Miller alive that was Mr. Duncen and that man had something very wrong with his head. He would tell wacked out staries of two headded horses with the horns of goats and the teeth of wolves that he had seen when lost in the woods by Lake Miller. Were the stories true or was the old man just crazy? No one truely knew, because anyone that went to find out never came back.
Danny smiled an evil smile. " Lake Miller." He said with a laugh.
Ella jumped to her feet. " Heck no Danny, are ya crazy! No one ever comes otta there alive."
Danny sat up. " It'll be fun don't be such a baby." He flipped his brown hair out of his deep brown eyes and smiled.
" No, no there aint no way I'm goin' there."
" Chicken, chicken, chicken!" He teazed her.
" Danny stop it!" She yelled and took off through the woods back home. Danny got up and grabbed her shoes.
" Aw Ella, come back I was just kiddin' around."Ella had ran back to the house he was now sitting on the porch. Danny walked over to her. " Hey now Ella I'm just kidding."
Ella didn't want to talk to him she didn't want to think about what would happen if they went to the Lake it would be to scary, even for her who wasn't scared to easy. There mamma walked outside and sat down next to them like Danny she had dark brown eyes and hair, Ella had her mammas hair and her pappas eyes. Her mamma put an arm around her.
" Whats wrong baby?"
" Danny was sayin' stuff about Lake Miller and I don't ever wanna go there ever!"
" Baby I don't want you goin' there." She looked at Danny. " Danivun ( Danny-Vun) Kitchrick what are you thinking?"
He sighed. " Mamma I was just kidding. I would never take 'er there, not at the age of 14 anyways she's to young."
" So you sayin' you would go there at 18?"
He nods. " Yeah, yeah I would."
She shook her head. " And you'd get an butt kickin' for it too. Understand me?"
Danny nods and heads out to feed the dogs Ella following him. " You weren't kiddin' about goin' were ya?" She asked.
He shook his head. " No I wasn't I wanna see if what they say is true."
Ella sighs. " Danny, I'll go with ya."
Danny looks at her shocked. " Are you kidding?"
" No I'm not kidding, but it can't just be us. We gotta get other people."
" Well I'm sure Raven and Mavin will come if we ask. And your little boyfriend Shane."
" I don't know we'll have to see."
Danny sighs. " Yeah, I'll call 'em up when were done out here. And you can't let Mamma and Pappa know, we'll have to leave when they aint here or when the're asleep."
Ella nods and fils up the dog water.
Latter that night
Danny had called his friend Marvin, his girlfirnd Raven, and Ellas boyfriend Shane now they were all out in the woods behind Danny and Ellas house. They were loading food, water, clothes, and other things into bags and putting them on the pack mules. They all hopped on their horses and headed deeper into the woods. They had 37 dogs with them for hunting and protection. Raven looked over at Danny. " So how long you think this will take?"
" I'm not really sure. Anywhere from 4 days to 3 weeks I think. We are going to get far enough away from home and set up a camp before it gets to much darker."
She nods. " Okay." She looked back at Ella and Shane who were talking then over a Marvin who looked almost bored with the whole thing. They road for about an hour and got a good ways away from the house. The sun was starting to set so they stopped to set up a camp.
" We are all goin' to sleep in the same tent, it will keep us warmer the nights can get real cold out here." Danny said as he pulled a tent off of one on the mules and took it out of the bag.
" Do we have to?" Marvin complained.
" Yes." Danny said has he started to put the poles of the tent in. " Now come help me Mr. Lazy." Marvin walked over and started to help Danny. " Oh Shane, Ella you each sleep on opposite side of the tent."
" What! Why?" Ella asked madly.
Danny glanced at her over his shold. " Because I said so."
Ella mumbeld under her breath. " No fair."
" Lifes not fair." Danny patted her back and wispered into her ear. " I don't want what happened last time to happen again."
Ella rolled her eyes. " Danny it was just a kiss."
Danny patted her head. " Okay." He said sarcastically and rolled his eyes. He went back to putting the tent up. Ella looked over at Shane he didn't look to happy either, but oh well. Danny was the boss and she wasn't going to make him mad.
They got the tent up and put all the stuff in. They tied their food up in a tree and started a fire as the last bit of sun went behind the mountain. Reven was sitting on a fallen log with her head on Dannys sholder. Ella was still not to happy about the whole her and Shane on opposite sides of the tent thing. It was a big tent thats alot of space between them. She sighed and took a drink of the coffee she was drinking. " We all need to get to bed here soon. It'd nineO'clock and we have along ways to go tomorrow." Danny said and shifted a little so Raven moved her head. " Come on every one." He got them all in the tent. Some of the dogs followed them in otheres stayed outside. Danny slipped his shirt of and layed down next to Raven Marvin on the other side on him. Ella huffed as he layed down next to Raven, she had to lay next to stupid Marvin. Shane on the other side of Raven.
All of them quickly fell asleep other then Ella and Shane they were both ticked off. Ella looked over at her brother who had his arm wrapped around Raven, so not fair. Shane looked over at her and pointed to the spot next to him. Ella being to rule breaker she was very carefully and quietly got up and walked over to Shane she smiled and quickly fell asleep with his arm over her. The next morning Ella was the first to get up so the carefully moved Shanes arm and went over to where she was asleep before. Right after she layed down Danny woke up. Oh boy was that luck.
Danny quietly got up, pulled a shirt on and jacket on then went out side and got a fire started. Shortly after, Ella got up and sat down on a log. " Did you sleep good with out being next to him any ways."
Ella nodded as Shane walked out his hair ruffeld with bed head. " Yeah I did."
Danny smiled. " Good." Shgot a pan and started to make some eggs. Raven walked out of the tent in her tank top.
" Oh my God it's freezing." He turned around and grabbed a jacket then ran over to the fire. Danny lightly kissed her and went back to cooking. Ella snorted.
" Your 14." He said without looking at her. Ella rolled her eyes. About an hour latter Marvin comes out of the tent. Marvin always slept the latest, and he was the only one there with out a girlfriend, why he agreed to come was beyond him. He walked over and sat down on a log looking down at the ground. Raven walked over and lightly kissed his cheek.
" Don't look so sad." She kissed him on the cheek alot which didn't bug Danny, Marvin was his best friend and he knew he could trust him.
" I'll try." He said as Danny handed him some eggs. " Thanx bro." He started to eat and Ravenwent back to sitting next to Danny. The ring on her finger sparkeling in the sun, it was a promise ring Danny had given her when they were 13 here they were 5 years latter still together with only one break up and a handful of fights. Danny leaned over and kissed her. Ella snaorted again, and Shane patted her leg. Ella sighed and rested her head on his sholder, which Danny didn't care if she did.
About another hour passed and they all pack up. Loaded the mules and they were on their way again. The wind was blowing and it was alot colder that day than it had been the day before. Ella had her deer skin jacket on so she was pretty warm, unlick Raven who was freazing. Ella didn't really like Raven, she was to much of a girly girl. Doing her hair, nails and, makeup came before anything else. It was stupid, she had spent 2 hours in their bathroom once just doing her hair. Ella took a matter a minuets to brush and rebraid her hair. The longest time she had ever taken was 45 minuets for her 8th grade dance, and that wasn't her choice.
They road for 3 straight hours. It was going to take them at least 2 days to get to Lake Miller clear on the other side of Wolf Point Mountain. They stopped at Lake Draft to bath and camp out for the night. One by one, and Danny made sure of it they all went down and took a bath then came back and ate. They had about 4 hours to kill before sun down, so Danny and Marvin set up the tent. While Raven, Shane, and Ella went for a swim. The guys latter joined them when they were done. Ella and Shane were sitting on the other side of the lake. Danny kept an eye on them while swiming.
That night they all sat down too eat fresh deer steaks from early that week. Boy were they good. Ella layed down in the grass next to Shane and looked up at the star filled sky boy was it pretty. Even though it was freezing it was still really nice. About 2 hours latter they all setteld into bed. Ella had bagged and bagged to sleep next to Shane. Danny finely broke when Raven said something. Ella was supper happy now laying next to Shane in the tent. Danny and Raven stayed outside a little latter then every one else. It was passed midnight when they came into the tent. Every one was asleep so Raven quickly changed and layed down in their sleeping bag. Danny slipped off his shirt like always and layed down next to her. Checking on Ella and Shane before falling asleep. Shane had his arm tight around Ella, and she was smiling in her sleep. Danny was going to let this one slide. He put his arms around Raven and fell asleep.

A day latter

The four kids had now been riding for two and a half days. They were at the lake right before you came to Lake Miller 229 miles to go. They were going to stop there for a day or two they were all tired and needed a break. Danny got of his horse and took a drink of water. Raven got off her horse and layed down in the grass. " I'm so tired."
" We all are baby." Danny said and unloaded the tent him and Marvin put it up. Ella got off her horse and layed down in the cool grass. It went from being super cold to super hot. Shane layed down next to her and she rested her head on his chest, falling asleep within seconds. Danny and Marvin finished setting up the tent. As the sun went down Danny lighted a fire. Ella, and Shane were asleep in the grass cuddeled together. Danny woke them up.
" Hey sleepy heads go get in bed." She smiled and kissed Ellas forehead. Shane and Ella got up and went into the tent Ella layed down next to Shane. She fell asleep his arms wrapped around her. Marvin went to bed alittle after they did. Danny and Raven layed in the grass talking and looking at the stars for some time then went into bed themselves. Danny woke up early the next moring and went out side, to watch the sun come up. The shy was full of reds, yellows, pinks, and oranges. Some time passed then Raven came out right as the sun came to the peak of the mountain. The sky was full of firey red. She gasped.
" It's so pritty." She said in awe.
" Yeah, yeah it is." Danny said looking over at her. Ella and Shane came out of the tent sleepy eyed and looked at the sky. Marvin came out after them right as the last bit of red left the sky. Danny started to make some eggs and bacon. " So what do you guys think about leaving today?"
" Yeah!" Shane and Ella yelled at the same time then starter laughing.
Raven shrugs. " I don't care. Marvin?"
" Fine by me."
" Okay then today it is." Danny passed out the food then got every thing ready. About an hour latter they all hopped onto horses and started off again. It was going to take about four and a half hours to get there on horse back so they all were ready for the long ride. They came to the woods that were around the lake and stopped.
" Thats alot of fog." Ella said.
" Yeah it really is." Danny looked around. The fog was so thick you couldn't even see the trees, top or bottom. " Well lets go." He stepped his horse into the fog. It was cool and sticky.
" I can't see anything!" Ella yell as she came into the woods.
" It looks like it thins up a little ways up there. And theres not many trees in our way. I think we can make it." Danny said. They road into were the fog wasn't so thick. They heard a low growl from infront of them, or was it behind, or all around?
" What was that." Ella screamed.
" Be quiet!" Danny shouted and continued to ride deeper into the woods.
" My head feels funny." Raven said as she road.
" Funny how?" Danny looked at her.
" Like after drinking a beer, of taking too many pills."
" So like being drunk?" Shane asked.
" Kinda."
" Thats weird." Said Danny. " Here I want you to ride with me." He pulled her onto his horse and put her horse on a lead rope. They continued to ride deerper. Has they road it seemed like every one got jumpier. Raven was the only one that seemed sick or anything, and she didn't seem that bad. Just dizzy and a little sick to her stomach. As they got deeper into the woods the fog got very think again, but this fog was not the same. It was wet and looked all most blue. Danny looked around. It looked as if there were little lights all over the trees. He looked closer. Or were they eyes? They were red, a deep blood red. " Um guys I'm not the only one that sees the red lights right?"
" No I see them too, but Danny I don't think they are lights." Ella swollowed hard. " I think they are eyes. Bright glowing red eyes." Then all at once the lights or eyes what ever they were started to flicker. Like blinking maybe? Then all at once they stopped and went away.
" That was really weird." Danny said as he started to ride again.
" Yeah really weird." Said Ella. As they got closer to the lake the fog got thinker, and bluer. Every now and again they would here low growls and see weird things around, but nothing seemed to happen. When they were about a mile away from the lake. They heard screams, loud screams. Then something jumped out infront of them. It was huge with 4 heads. They were dog heads? Wolves? The body was of a large horse, horns of a goat, and a long fluff tail. Ella sreamed. " Danny what is that!?"
" I don't know." Danny said. The thing growlded loudly. Then spoak in a a very low voice.
" Have you children leard nothing from your mothers and fathers? Have you not been told the many staries of Lake Miller?" The thing started to slowly walk around them. It didn't seem mean, and it didn't try to hurt them.
" Yes we have heard all the story, but we wanted to come and see those things our selves." Danny said in a very calm voice.
" Well I'll give you the choice now. Eirther your leave the woods of Lake Miller now or face the many thing that it has to hold, and risk your lives here."
" We will go on into the woods and face what they have to hold." Danny said.
" Very well then." The thing came back to the front of them. " I will be your gide through the woods. Only because you are children and not stupid adults. My name is Galavendoor, but you can call me Galaven."
" What are you." Ella asked.
" I don't have a technical name. I'm one of the souls that was lost out here many many years ago."
" If you were a soul then why are you what you are now?" Shane asked.
Galaven sighed. " These woods are the work of the Devil." He looked at them with all six of his red eyes. " He made me this. Not caring how I looked or anything." he sighed again. " I was only 21."
" Thats so young." Ella said sadly.
" Yes it was." He looked down at the ground. " So he gave me three heads of a wolf, the body of a horse, horns of a goat, and the fluffy tail of a husky."
" Oh, I'm so sorry Galaven." Ella frownded.
He looked up. " It's fine Ellathan."
Ella looked at him. " How do you know my name?"
" I know more about all of you then you think. I know every thing about anyone that steps foot into my part of the woods."
" Oh." Ella said.
" Follow me children." He said as he started to walk. Well it was more like trotting. They all followed. They heard more low growls as they got closer to the lake. A wolf jumped out from a bush snarling.
" Galavendoor what you you doing here?" It looked like a normal wolf other then it was purple, red, and blue with crosses on it's sides, and ears. " This is not your part of the woods."
" Just passing trough Moon don't worry." Galaven went back to walking, and the kids followed. When they got closer to the lake. They saw people, people just like them with nothing wrong.
" Galaven who are those people?" Ella asked.
He looked back at her with one head as he walked, all though all of his mouths still moved. " They are the people that came here that are waiting to be turned into a soul, then something like me." He said.
" Why?"
" They came here knowing what would happen and they were over the age of 20 so we kept them here."
Ella pointed to a small boy maybe 11 or so. " What about him?"
" Oh him." He looked at the boy. " He chose to stay. He hated his life and wanted to die and be turned into one of us."
" Thats sad."
He nodded. " Yes it's very sad." Ella yawned it was getting very dark out.
" We need to stop and sleep Galaven." Said Danny.
Galaven nodded and stopped. " Do what you must." Danny and Marvin started to set up the tent Ella, Shane, and Raven were sitting on the gound. Raven was feeling some what better, but not much. They got the tent set up and they all got in bed. Galavendoor layed in front of the tent.
The naxt day

Danny got up really early and went out side he looked at Galavendoor. Is he really helping us or is he just leding us into our death? He asked himself. I don't know he seems nice enough. I'll just keep an eye on him. Just then Galaven opend him eyes.
" Dannivun why would you not trust me?" His six red eyes looked at Danny sadly. " I would never hurt children."
Danny looked at him. " I'm not saying I don't trust you Galaven I'm just saying I don't know if you are helping, or hurting us." Then he thought for a minuet. " Wait I didn't say any of this. How did you know what I was thinking?"
" I can read minds Dannivun. That little girlfreind of your is scared she pregnant."
Danny looked at him shoked. " But she can't be."
Galaven shook his head. " I don't know Danivun. It's just what she thinks." He layed his three heads back down. " Now let me sleep." Danny nodded and started a small fire. Raven came out and sat next to him putting her head on his sholder.
Danny couldn't hold back the question. He stroked her hair. " Raven you- you think you might be pregnant?" He looked at her with his deep brown eyes.
Raven shrugged. " I don't know Danny. Just with the way I'm felling and all, you never know."
He nodded and kissed her forehead. " Okay." Ella came out and yawned she sat next to Galaven, and stoked one of his heads. He opend his blood red eyes and looked at her.
" What are you doing?"
" I'm petting you. Doesn't it feel good?" She stopped stroking him.
He nodded all three head. " Yes, yes it does." Galaven had never had anyone be nice to him. He was an out cast as a human, and now there was no one to trust.
Ella grinned. " Good." She stroked him again. Galaven gave a smile on all three heads. Showing long yellow teeth. The K-9s all most three inches long.
" Wow. Your teeth are huge." Ella said in slight awe.
" Yes they are.' He sighed. " I do have have to kill people sometimes." He shook his head. " I hate it." Ella sighed still stroking his greacy fur.
" It's not your fault."
" I know, but I still don't like it. I'm not one of the blood thursty things out here. I don't like to kill, but-" He sighed. " The Devil makes me."
" I know and that must really suck." Galaven nodded, and closed his eyes again.


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