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|| Merry Christmas! || Gift Exchange ||

Post  Dancin' Kate on Fri Dec 23, 2011 8:14 pm

Well, it's two days until Christmas Day, and I'll be honest; I'm really not in the Christmas mood or spirit. *Headdesk* Terrible, I know. But, then an idea hit me. Maybe I'm not the only one who needs to add a little more Christmas-cheer and get rid of some merry-humbagh. xD
So, basically, I came up with this little... thingy. XP It's a form for exchanging early Christmas gifts to people.
Here's how it'll work:

Gifts can be anything and everything- as long as they're appropriate AND sincere! It can be a message, a picture, a link to a Christmas game; anything creative you can think of. ;) Just remember; don't give someone a gift unless you truly intend for them to have it. SANTA'S WATCHIN'!!! xDD

I just want to get some Christmas spirit following, so, I'll start off with a gift to y'all!

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