__..::Whispering Pines::..__

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__..::Whispering Pines::..__

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Whispering Pines

Life in Brook Falls was just great and perfect till.. Chris Never showed up. Chris really isn't that bad of a guy, just in how he presents himself. That is how his name got messed up. One day he decided to go to one of his EX-Friends party, got drunk, and ended up waking next to The mayors daughter-Tori-naked. They found out what had happened from their friends and then hell broke loose. So now everybody hates him, even his own mother. She kicked him out of his own house as well. That is how serious this had gotten, even more serious than it sounds.

Chris, Chris Never. 17, Dirty blonde hair, tall, and Handsome. Perfect looking guy on the outside, but in the inside he was breaking into pieces by the minute because everyday he gets bullied and picked on from the matter. They call him slut, retard, stupid and more things I would just rather not put down on paper. Just its that he gets bullied a lot and not many people can deal with things like that. Well Chris is a person that can deal with anything and everything, he has for the past three years.

On a Monday morning, Chris woke up in a little shack, that he had been living in ever since his mother had kicked him out. When he had flickered his bright, baby, blue eyes open, he sat up straight up and tall. "Monday Mourning morning.." He mummbled then ran his fingers through his long luchious blonde hair. Getting up, he took off his shirt then put on a old Holister shirt that he had found in a thrift store near the road that he lived by. When he looked in the mirror and fixed his hair, he decided that he looked alright and ready for school, as usual. Chris walked to a banged up fridge and pulled out a loaf of bread and a small tub of butter. He fixed himself some buttered bread and started to eat his small breakfast. He hardly ate anyways so he really didn't care. Once he was done eating and brushing his teeth, he grabbed his book bag and headed outside into the forest he had lived in. People would call him a herm because he lived pretty far into the forest and in a shack by himself. People knew this because they followed and stalked him to his 'house' mainly everyday.

Walking to school, he carried his One strap book bag on a shoulder. His book bag had no longer had two straps anymore because this popular boy thought it would be funny to put his bag in a tree and hang it down by one of the straps. The janitor had to cut the strap off in order for it to come down so that is what had happened. Most of the people in his school were either jerks, or just very quiet but mainly jerks though. Chris had hated everyone at that school so much because of what they had did to him to make him so angry and upset. They had really no right to bully him for so long. The past is the past, they should just accept him for who he is.

Along the way, he had been kicking a rock for about five minutes now and he was still in the forest. By this time though he could see the road and the school right ahead. It was incovinent that he had lived right next to the school pretty much, but he hated it. It was probably one of the things on the list: 10 Things I hate! Chris kept walking till he got to the road. He stopped and looked each directions then he ran across the road and walked on the school campus. "Hey There geek!" A student yelled at him. Chris shook his head and kept walking to class. Once he made it in his class after hearing all the critizing and yelling, he sat down at his desk. Another student thad already been in there at the time. She looked like she was new or something. The girl made a quick glance at Chris from her studies then smiled. "Hi! I'm Katlin. And you are?" She asked him nicely. Chris blinked his eyes a couple times then smiled back at her kindly. "I'm Chris.. Chris Never. Let me guess. You're new here?" He asked her then pulled out a pencil and a piece of paper.

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