Umm Here are some notes on the Pythagorean Theorem

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Umm Here are some notes on the Pythagorean Theorem Empty Umm Here are some notes on the Pythagorean Theorem

Post  CutieLol111 on Wed Oct 12, 2011 6:31 pm

Well this is what i'm learning in class right now.. Idk if it will help some of you guys but here are the notes!! (Unfortunatly i cant post pictures but i'll best describe it the way I can...)

EQ: How are the lengths of the sides of a right triangle related?

Key ideas:
The sides of a right triangle have special names.
The Hypotenuse: Is the side opposite the right angle.
The Legs: Are the two sides that form the right angle.

The Pythagorean Theorem:
Words: In any right triangle, the sum of the squares of the lengths of the Legs is equal to the length of th hypotenuse.

+ b
= c
( I tried to make it squared but it wouldnt work... Sorry guys I ment it as A squared + B squared = C squared..)

Ex: 1
A squared + B squared = C squared
(So the triangles side equal: A: 5m, B: 12m and C: Is unknown so far...)

5 squared + 12 squared = C squared Step 1: substitute A for 5 and B for 12.
^ ^ ^
5x5=25 12x12=144 C+C= C squared. Step 2: Multiply by evaluating the Exponents..

25+144= C Squared Step 3: Add 25 and 144 together
169 = C squared Step 4: Take a positive Square Root of each side.
^ ^
13 = C

Then you have your answer!! yay!
Its not that Difficult but it looks it..

here are some OYO's i'll set them up for you so you can fill in da blanks!

On Your Owns:

1) A= 8ft B= 15ft C= Unknown.. Duh!

(___) Squared + (___) squared= (C squared)
___+____= C Squared..
____ = C Squared
____= C

Hope that helps.. Just fill in the blanks as your going

2) This one is fractions so I dont expect you to know how to do this yet...

One more Ex then two more questions and then your done with the lesson!

Ex: 2
Finding the length of a Leg

A= Unknown B= 2.1 C= 2.9

A squared + B squared = C squared Step 1: Write your Formula

A Squared + ( 2.1) Squared = (2.9) Squared Step 2: Substitute 2.1 for B and 2.9 for C
^ ^ ^
AxA= A squared 2.1x2.1= 4.41 2.9x2.9= 8.41 Step 3: Evaluate the Exponents

A Squared + 4.41 = 8.41 Step 5: Subtract 8.41 from 4.41
/////////-4.41 -4.41
A Squared = 4.00

A Squared = 4 Step 6: take positive square roots from each side

A = 2

There y

a goo!! (: You got da answer!

On Your Own:

1) A= Unknown B= 16 C= 34

(A) Squared + (___)Squared = (___) Squared
A Squared + (____) = (___)
//////////- ____ - ____
A Squared = _______
A = ___

Yupp .. Thats it! If you have any ? then message me!! (: Thanks Guys! <3 chu!

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