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.:: Cytherea ::.

Birth Name: "Emma Trenton Stone"
Preferred Name: "Emma is less of a mouthful, don't you think?"
NickName(s): "Yeah, I guess…"
Gender: "Female"
Age: "Well, let's put it this way; I'm a lot older than my nineteen year-old appearance"

Heritage & History-
Mother: "Bellinda, in the tangible world"
Father: "The Creator will always be my one true father, but Henry was my surrogate on earth"
Siblings: "My little sister, Lilly"
Biography: Created like all other Angels are created, Emma, or Cytherea (her Angel name), was made in Heaven, and lived there with her kin for hundreds of years. Like all Angels, she was a magnificent swordsman, expert marksman, and a perfect killer. But Emma had something most of her kind didn't, and that was the yearn to live as a human. Eventually she was graciously given the opportunity, but not before years of ridicule. Taking the offer, she was given the chance to live as a human. During her early years as an Angel, she became close friends with another one of her kind called Amber, who plays a huge role in Emma's past, present, and future.
Born to Bellinda and Henry Stone in the Roman Empire around 120 years before Christ, she grew up in a harsh environment. Few major events happened in her childhood, save for the scattered visits from the Roman guards for taxes. Nothing large occurred in her life until after she had grown up and married a man called Marcus. True love at first sight, the two were together for a year before Emma had a daughter, Helen. Emma was living a dream, but sooner or later, she had to wake up. Unfortunately, her awakening was scarring.
The events that would lead to a terrible climax all started when Emma's parents and one sister were killed in a fire started by the Roman guards. Outraged, Emma nearly attacked the squadron that took her family from her until Amber talked some sense into her during a visit in her dreams. Her anger gave way to a heart-aching grief which lasted a mere three days before a key event happened. The Roman Empire had caught wind of a rumor that Emma and her family were witches and spies, and they took the initiative to get rid of them. Attacking the family at night, Marcus was killed while trying to protect Emma and Helen, leaving Emma practically defenseless without her angelic powers. Ripped away from her daughter, she watched Helen die in front of her as she was taken advantage of by one of the guards before she was killed herself.
Once again an Angel, she unleashed her wrathful revenge on the ones who took away her family, this time more powerful than ever. Still filled with rage, she chose to become an assassin who sent escaped demons back to Hell. She was one of the best at her job, but got into a bad habit of drinking heavily afterward, which only led to worse things. She eventually went crazy and was stripped of her rank until she could reclaim her sanity. It took five centuries, but Emma did come to her senses, that is, after she had the vision.
Durning her time in the insane asylum, she had a vision of a young girl and her brother, who went mad after she died. Feeling a sense of responsibility bring her back to reality, she pulled herself together and changed her mind. Becoming a Guardian Angel, she softened her bitter and short-tempered attitude into a motherly nature with the help of Amber. When the boy and the girl from her vision were born, she immediately asked to be their Guardian, and got it. For eight years, she watched over and protected the siblings as best as her limits would allow. But some things can't be changed. Just as her vision from fifteen years ago said, the girl, Shelby, died in a car accident and her brother, Braxton, went crazy. Determined to change fate, she fought to send Shelby's soul back to earth, offering her purity in exchange. Betrayed by an undercover Demon called Lance, she became a Fallen Angel and Shelby's soul was not returned.
Angry, heart-broken, betrayed, and nearly on the edge of insane again, she retreated back to killing, drinking heavily, smoking, and one night stands. Many say only because her best friend, Amber, was her sanity not completely lost over the centuries. But things are only about to get worse in Emma's life, starting with the death of her best friend, her only friend. This girl is closer to completely loosing her mind again then ever before.

Affection & Family-
Crush || Secret Crush: "I don't think so"
Boyfriend: "*Insert lot's of colorful words here*!?!"
Husband: "You keep asking questions like that, and I'll give you a complimentary gender change! "
Children: "That's none of your business!"

Dynamics & Moral Reputation-
Personality: Emma is one of those hard-headed, stubborn and relentless people who don't take 'no' for an answer. Bitter to the bone and cold-hearted as they come, she couldn't give a damn about anyone she doesn't trust or care for. Sarcasm is practically another language for this girl, simply because she uses it so much in her daily affairs. Bold with her sharp tongue, she's gotten herself into some pretty nasty scuffles and still has those few scars to prove it. She's the type who stands up to anyone about anything she believes in with unwavering courage and pride- and won't back down without a fight.
Compassion and kindness once were part of this girl, but over time were obliterated so that the only thing remaining was her darker side. Crude and spiteful, she's known well for her everlasting grudges against people; especially those that repeatedly tick her off. Sinister and hateful, she isn't one to be messed with on a bad day when her wrathful temper breaks loose. She's often been called a 'short fuse' because it doesn't take much to ignite her anger.
Despite all her flaws, you would think she was stupid; and you'd been oh-so-very wrong about that. Emma is, in fact, extremely intelligent and witty in every subject, though her strongest point is the English language. A wide vocabulary fuels this girls stinging words, and she knows exactly how to use them to inflict the most damage.
But behind all those confident walls lies a very, very broken person who's suffered countless traumatic events in her life ranging from rape to loss. Because of this, she's insanely defensive (practically paranoiac) about her past and won't tell a soul the whole story. There are so many versions of her history patched together from those who've heard bit and pieces that, honestly, no is quite sure what happened to make her this way anymore. And frankly, Emma likes it that way and will do anything in her power to keep it that way.
Special Quality(ies): Lightning fast reflexes, incredible balance and agility, and a high intelligence along with an extremely intimidating presence.
Moral Compass: Emma is hard to pinpoint because her decisions are rarely based on morality and more on what is necessary.
Best Friend: "Amber has been with me through everything… But now that she's gone, I don't know what I'm going to do…"
Theme Song(s):
"Fallen" Sarah McLaughlan
"Any Other Name" Thomas Newman
"Monster" Skillet
"Crazy B¡tch" Buckcherry

Appearance: Emma is actually a beautiful woman when she puts aside her bitter and vindictive attitude for a moment. She has feathered auburn hair that frames her angular face and draws more attention to her striking eyes. Before she became a Fallen Angel, her eyes were a vivid violet, but now they have dulled into a grayish purple hue. Slender and tall, standing around 5"7 and weighing 132 pounds, she has a hour-glass shaped figure which makes her hard to resist from most men. Tanned skin and blemish free, her physical body is quite beyond pretty and into the realm of drop-dead-gourgeous.

Creature: "Fallen Angel"
Definitive Quality(ies): A pair of large, midnight black wings are attached to her back, but if those are hidden, then just look for a red-head with violet-gray eyes.©

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