K.A.L. || Kate's Advice on Life

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K.A.L. || Kate's Advice on Life

Post  Dancin' Kate on Wed Aug 03, 2011 1:50 pm

Dear Everyone,

Hello, and welcome to the forum topic Kate's Advice on Life, or for short, K.A.L. I'm here to give my opinionated advice on troubling (or happy) matters going on in your life; whether it be boyfriends, becoming a women (I think you know what I mean, ladies), depression, self image, and anything else you would be experiencing. Yes, I'm only thirteen and not a qualified therapist, but I've been through enough good and bad lessons to have the wisdom to teach others.

WARNING: When I give my opinionated advice, and you don't like it, remember that you came to me for help, and I gave what I could. If you think that I'm wrong, take your issue(s) up with one of the other advice forums.

If you don't feel comfortable posting your matter to the public, feel free to send me a privet message or emailing me at the following address: kbaykid1998penguin@yahoo.com

~ Lou ~
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Re: K.A.L. || Kate's Advice on Life

Post  Guest on Wed Sep 07, 2011 9:11 pm

Hope this goes swell! :D

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