Rawr's Friend <3 (Under constuction)

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Rawr's Friend <3 (Under constuction) Empty Rawr's Friend <3 (Under constuction)

Post  I-Rawr-You on Mon May 16, 2011 4:41 pm

My friends on Gaia

He was one of my first friends. We didn't get along at first because my sister told him I bit her, which I did, and he's very protective of her. But we told him we were related and understood. So now we are best buds ^w^ He can always get me up when I'm down. He <3's playing WoW. We help each other through hard times/moods and we pull through. He uses big words I almost never know the meaning to, but that's otay he tells me he deffition if I ask. Which I do. XDD <3 ya Pgans.

Two of my closet friend's share this account. I know both in real life. One is my best friend that I met this year. She knows almost everything about me and is a very detailed artist. We both heart anime and so does the other part of Takara.
We are all weird but we are awesome either way. We all try to write stories and some are amazing. The other part of Takara is another close friend. She loves reading books all the time like me and never gets boring to be around. She is hilariously funny and I love them both <3

Doctor Quark
Ohmygod, where do I begin? He is so much fun and is always happy. He always knows how to lighten a mood and never looses one of our IM wars. But I do win the status wars >:3 Haha! Rawr strikes again! But I love him anyways. He lets me sit in his lap, sometimes XDDD

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