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Post  I-Rawr-You on Sun May 15, 2011 9:44 am

Well, I've been told I'm a major book worm. And, it's very true. I couldn't word it any other way. When I log off here, I either go to my room to read a book I got from the library, or on a walk with my sister(Depends if we are fighting or not).

When I find time, I walk my dog, Socks. She is a big dog, an akita. Socks ,un-like some dogs, doesn't fetch and never will. She is seven in dog years. Right now she is shedding and she looks like an oversized sheep.

I'm also a gamer. Not nessaseraliy video games. I play "Okami" On the WII. It is about a Japanese sun god saving the world from un-coming darkness and collecting celestial brush tecnique.
When I'm not here, I'm on Gaia. It's where I talk to my friends all around. Weather I know them in real life or have known them for awhile.

I'm not the best, but I write stories and poems. My poems, have been called "Pro" By kids at my school. And my stories, sometimes boring but other times, epic. I'm in the middle of one now. Chapter five, page eleven. It's about vampires. One of my friends called it, "So twilight."

I watch movies 24/7 most of the time. Even yesterday, I was watching "Sweet Home Alabama" And "The Green Hornet."

After school, I either hang out with my best friend or go to clubs that my school provides. I am currently apart of The Art club and Anime club. So far, I have painted three canvassess. If you want pictures, just ask. Currently, I am making a recycle are book for my best friend.

Ronnie Radke
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