Low down(A.k.a dee rules <3)

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Low down(A.k.a dee rules <3) Empty Low down(A.k.a dee rules <3)

Post  I-Rawr-You on Sat May 14, 2011 9:05 pm

Welcome to the Amazing World of Rawr !

Here's what I hope to include in my place-
My favorite books <3
My life
My friends
My hobbies
(And anything else I can think of ;3)

But to enter my magical world, you have to follow my rules:
1. Listen to meh and only meh
2. Respect me and my friends
3. Yes, I know I'm weird don't stay the obvious
4. Learn about me.
5. Learn, live, and love these rules
6. Ummm is that it?
7. Nope, just wanted one more ;3

That's all for now : D

Ronnie Radke
Low down(A.k.a dee rules <3) Tumblr_m4fvg3l87q1qile5uo1_400
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