Haven't really named this yet. But my friends like it so take a look.

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Haven't really named this yet. But my friends like it so take a look.

Post  Wolves-Rule1 on Fri Jun 14, 2013 6:19 pm

With every slow cut he makes he knows he's getting closer, closer to the fate he know he holds. Closer to what he's meant to be. They always watched and they didn;t care, but now maybe they will. His mamma could care less what he did with his life, and his daddy's long gone. People always laughed in his face tellin' him how he would never get anywhere bein' who he was. The once happy go lucky little boy. Now sits in a corner awaiting and begging for death to take his hand. Because he believes no one cares. He slowly cuts away at the life he had. But what life was that? It was shattered, lifeless, and dull. His hands are shaky for all the things he's done. He was always told he was going no where, and that was true because now he's slippin'. He's slowly fallin' and no one seems to care. But come on kid lift your head, bring back the smiling boy I know you hide in side. You can make it you can do it. Show them they were wrong. But he couldn;t he wouldn't. He had no hope in who he was and now... Damn it he's gone. He never knew what it would do, his mamma cries every night wishing her baby boy would came back, and forgive her for the hell she put him through. The pretty girl he always loved, feels like she's the one who did this. She always said no and now look at where he's at. And all those people who used to laugh, now cry knowing they practically took a life. But I'm tellin' you boy you better be happy up there doin' what you're doin'. And I hope that smilin' little boy is back and shinin' bright. Because he never had a chance in his crazy life.

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