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I was assigned Edward Hopper for my artist; he was born in Nyack, New York on July 22, 1883. He lived in a small family consisting of his mother, father, sister, and himself. A young Edward starting drawing at a young age of five, his parents encourage him in this., buying him all the art supplies and everything else he needed. Edward was very lucky for this, because in some households at the time it wasn’t okay to be more involved in art than schooling. As a young adult Edward started using pen and ink, water colors, oil, and charcoal in his art. In 1899 Hopper enrolled in the New York Institute of Art and Design. Robert Henri was one of Edwards professors and was one of the people that encouraged Edward to start painting with emotion, point of view, and statement.
After being in art education for several years Edward got involved in the cutthroat advertising industry, creating illustrations and covers for magazines. He didn’t like the situation much causing him to have large blocks in his creativity; the only plus to this in his mind was the fantail gain, up until the 1920s. He left the industry as often as he could to travel to Europe, mostly Paris. When most of the other artists; and what not, in the French capital were excelling to their highest points, he leaned closer to things that interested him. Hopper fell in love with the 17-centray artist Rembrandt’s famous works Night Watch. Around 1910 Edward moved back to his birth place of New York, and went back to working in the commercial. In 1911 Edward created one of his first nautical inspired realist suburban scenery, doing this is sold his first painting known as " Sailing".
In the 1920 Hopper found his own style, and started to do things in a way he had never before. Around this same time he met future wife Josephine Nivison. The style that he had started to use was like Impressionism, but fell more under the category of realism. This style has come to be known as " soft realism." Most of Edwards work represented regret, solitude, withdrawal, pensiveness, and many other somewhat depressing things. The way he represented this was by using somewhat darker colors, and lighting in just the right ways. Lucky for him when the great depression hit, he still made a good profit, by selling pictures to museums and people all over American. Some of his most famous works of art are: Automat done in 1927, Chop Suey done in 1929 Hotel Room done in 1931 and Nighthawks done in 1942.
All together Edward Hopper was a soft realism artist who was born and raised in New York, and soon traveled to many places across Europe. Personally I don't quite like his art, it's just not something that a like. But he was an amazing artist and was lucky to make it where he made it. I feel that he must have been in some states of depression, just going off that all of his pictures had to do with something like that.


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