Animal Experimentation Essay

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Animal Experimentation Essay

Post  Wolves-Rule1 on Mon Dec 17, 2012 12:37 pm

Animal Experimentation

Do you love animals? Do you have a dog cat or other pet in your home? Well how would feel if you knew animals like your were being tortured and killed every second? 6,945,531.859 are killed a year in just the US, that’s 22 animals a second. This is not counting mice and rats. Animal testing is curl and uncalled for. I love animals and live with many if my own, to here of what they go through in the animal experimentation. Animal experimentation is curl and uncalled for. First off animals spend their whole lives in cages, and die from illness, the only time they leave their cages is to be tested on or kill. Second animals have emotions and can feel pain just like we can. Third animal experimentation is used for almost everything, if you wouldn’t let this happen to a helpless child why would you let it happen to a helpless animal.

Would you like to be kept in a cage and be ill for most of your life? I didn’t think so, but that is just what the animals in labs go through. Most of them will never see natural light. They never leave the cages unless they are going to be tested on. Animals will often become sick with infections, skin irritation, animal many other things. these animals are often killed because of what is given to them, or because of tubes going down their trachea, not down into their esophagus. Animals that are kept in animal testing can be help on isolation cages for years, with no contact from humans or other animals. Monkeys are left in chair like contraptions for up to weeks, where they test on their brain waves and other things. While in cages animals step an wire and metal bars where they feet are often cut, and from time to time limbs are broken from getting stuck in the bars. Most procedures are done with out any form of anesthesia or painkillers.

Animal testing is very cur and animals are often treated like an object with no pain and no emotion. People seem to think because they can’t speak they can feel no pain, so you are say because a baby can not talk you can do what you please with them? After animals have served their purpose they are tossed away like trash or killed in brutal ways. Not to be graphic, but animals often bleed to death or succumb to the injuries that are caused from the tests they perform. Because of their large eyes and small tear ducts rabbits are used for tests on eyes drops and medications, these things may cause the following: eyes irritation, discharge, hemorrhaging, temporary, and permanent blindness. Mice are used for most things, most people don’t care about what a little mouse goes through, up to 5,000 mice and are kill in one facility a day. Mice and rats and not considered animals by the animal welfare act.

Animal experimentation is used for almost ever thing we used, from make up, shampoo, body wash, gasses, food, medications etc. It is possable though to buy things that are not tested on. My question to you is, how can you let this happen to animals in every day life, but if they were to do it to a child it would be curl and uncalled for? Animals can not speak words of their own; therefore, the only voice they have is that of the people around them.

Why would you let these things happen? Why would you let so many poor animals die? Why do carry on with something that is so very outdated in our time. Animals are tearted curly and so many of them die each day. Animals feel pain just like me and you. Why would you do this to an animal, but not a child? I ask myself everyday why people have to treat animals this way. And this about it if some one on your street is treating their animal curly they are taken away, but you think about what goes on in these so call " Scince labs" and our tax money goes to the people that do it.

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