SheWolf|| Story about a Wolf.

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SheWolf|| Story about a Wolf.

Post  Paranoiac Razor on Fri Nov 30, 2012 12:41 am

||She Wolf||

Chapter 1,

I was in my den laying there cold huffing for air at least warm air. I heard barking, growling and snarling i got up and shock my pelt and walked outside my den for a glimnce at what the barking was comeing from. My eyes widen as i see a person with a arrow the line was pulled back with the person as Eskimo in his fox fur jacket and pants he had some mukluks on also. He was old looking like he hasnt shaved well thats understandable He let go of the line the arrow scraped me on my shoulder as blood splattered on the cold ice. I yelped and snarled leaping off my paws and takeing off western i huffed catching my breath. I didnt want to look back seeing if the Eksimo was near. The strange Eksimo climbed onto his sled and whimped his two lines of 8 black huskeys all male with a older look in the face. My paws hit the ground pretty hard sence i had so much pressure on me makeing my heart beat faster then usal. The sled got closer as the time my legs started to get wore out and i slowed down. I grunted and forced myself to pick up speed I looked back for a just a glimce two of them! one under all that stuff in the sled. I tried to get faster i heard a snap i looked back and saw a black male huskey got loose and started sprinting at me. My heart burst as i tried to go faster i felt a starp pain strike through my left back leg swinging my to do a front flip to the ground. I swore i pulled something in my shoulder the huskey started biting me and snaping at my neck. I snarled i snaped directly at his neck sinking my teeth in as the huskey yelped and started leaping backward as i forced himself toward me haveing my teeth in his neck. I saw another huskey get loose and attacked me from the side slamming me to the ground and the huskey comeing with me. The other male snaped at my muzzle pulling trying to get me off. I bared my teeth the heartless creatures tearing at my skin as the main eksimo with the bow pulled hte line back and with a slight worry and panicing. The arrow missed as ihurried up and took of running as a arrow struk me in the leg slamming me to the ground landing on my side scraping leaveing a little blood trail.

A black male with golden eyes attacked the Eksimo out of no where attacking snarling giveing all he got to the eksimo trying to kill a harmless wolf. I layed there my head up looking at him slightly at the coner of my eye He was a smart wolf he grabed a arrow and stabed the Eksimo in the heart.He rushed over to me and looked at me he licked my cuts I was breathing pretty hard blood streamming off my grey/white fur. My heart slowed down giveing me a chance to catch my breath The brute looked at me. "Wolf? She...SheWolf? You Okay??" He said with a slight worry in his voice. " fine..." I said with a low tone trying to get my breath back. "May i get your name Miss?" he said helping me up and nudging me. "I'm Florince.." i said with a slight smile. i heard him have a light huff and i saw a smile spread across his face. " Beautiful Name. Its nice to meet you Florince i'm Vincent." He smiled haveing a pacient tone smileing and geting a slight closer to him. I already new i would have this wondful strange brute with me for awhile.

If you want Chapter 2, just reply to this topic and ill do it (:
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