Story of a Girl

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Story of a Girl

Post  ~Dasher on Thu Nov 29, 2012 9:06 pm

Thus story is emotional. i try not crying to this. story of my life and why I was cruel to people. sorry if missspell not revised. I fix it as soon as I'm ready too do it. I really like the support

Story of a Girl

There once was a girl she had a father a mother and a dog that she loved the most.She was Happy and playful child. Her parent told she was moving so They left old home to go to a new one up north only to leave her dog behind with someone else. Then her dad left her and her mother and it was those two. They move back to their old home only that wasn't same house it was other people she lived with and then they finally got a hime an an apartment . She went to a school and nice Elementary school. She became more shy during elementary school. the kid would pick on her taunt it wasn't bad till middle school there she was pick on more and made fun called name like "retard and stupid" even worse. She had friend but there no good. Her one friend who was a boy was nice kind to her till he got friends soon he started taunted her calling her names.Her next was Another girl who just like her but was popular but she too was cruel but not as cruel as her other friend she help during emotional hid her once from her mother ready to hit her.They fought each other sometime been cruel too each other but they had a tight bond. Till one day they decided to do something bad and she got blamed on badly soon she lost trust of everyone who ever loved her including her own mother, she felt alone left out only boy as a friend.She wanted to die sometime but couldn't cause she couldn't she had people who love her like her Aunt and Uncle, Her mom friends and Friend she had online one was A diffrent boy. he was kind to her and treated no diffrent from others. They talk to each other and laughed, they acted there were related ..They had Big fight which left her heart broken. She serectly loved him wanted his love.But she hid it from him.Even thought they made up she lost feeling. Girl moved away from home ot a new Home. She goes a new school and Has a new family. But they do understand her? No she still miresable because to them they didn't know the truth. She herself haven"t figure it out because the truth is she Emomtional troubled with everyone including herself.

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