The Magic of the Moment

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The Magic of the Moment

Post  Wolves-Rule1 on Thu Nov 29, 2012 12:22 pm

The Magic of the Moment; The Loss of a Loved One
Tears ran down the cheeks of the woman as she spoke
Her daughter soon joined her in these tears
“ You’re kidding, you’re lying, and this isn’t the truth.” The girl yelled
“ Why would I be kidding about such a thing?” The woman said holding her daughter now tight
The sobs shook the shoulders of the girl as she thought about how much she would miss her dear family member
A woman she had loved and trusted with her every word
Her friend, her family, her aunt, this person she had known so long was now taken
Days passed at the girl tears still came strong the word of the woman’s passing retched many, and the family got sorrowful, smiles, hugs, and goodbyes
But the girl still never did feel okay.
She asked herself why she had been taken so soon, so young
She hoped she was happy and they would see each other soon
The girl whispered a quiet goodbye I love you, as a tear streamed down her cheek
The girl then slipped into the darkness of sleep, and dreamt of the memories she had

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