My Seven Commandments.

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My Seven Commandments.

Post  Wolves-Rule1 on Thu Sep 20, 2012 5:53 pm

My Seven Commandments
All of the commandments that I have listed are things that I greatly believe in. Some of the things in our world sicken me. I don’t get why it’s so hard to put these things these things into place. All of the commandments I have listed are things that this world would greatly benefit from. We only have one world one if of our own. So why should we fill it with hate, pain, and war.

My first commandment is something that I believe should be put into place and highly enforced. Yes it may already be a law, but I don’t think they put a force on them like they should. Children and teens are bullied to the breaking point in schools, but as long as things don’t get physical people really could care less. Do you really think that most things are physical? Teachers will simply tell kids to knock it off, but do you really think changes anything. What I’m trying to say is they need to reinforce the bullying rules in school. Another thing is the abuse of children and animals in homes. It sickens me when I show up at a house, and see a dog chained up in the burning heat or freezing cold. Left to rot in there cages. And then there is there is the children that you always hear about being beaten to death by the people that should be loving and caring for them. Where I’m going with this is that no person, nor human should be hurt in a harmful or abuse way, there is no point.
My second commandment would be put in place because, you look at children around the world, and so many kids are going with out some of the most basic things: food, water, shelter, and schooling. Not only in third world countries, but also all over the world. Even if our country where we have a surplus of food and water, there are kids that are still going with out. There are children that are going with out so much of the things that they need to live, and prosper. There are kids living on the street, with out food, water, and shelter. But what is happening in third world countries is just not right. Thousand of kids die every day because the water they are drinking is full of diseases, the water that they drink would be like us drinking from a leach sewer. They don’t have enough food to even think about having an ounce of fat on their bodies. It truly brings tears to my eyes. Most of the kids in these places don’t even know how to read or write. I believe that a child should always have the right to go to school, weather they want to or not.

All people are equal: this is something that will never come to ne true in our world, but if it were there would be no hate. People would not judge others on race, religion, or sexuality. A wonderful friend said this once: “ The human race knows nothing more then how to hate, I find it said that we have been raised to hate better then how to love.” I don’t get why we all can’t get along I find it rather stupid. People are judged for who they are, when they can not change that fact. They should be who they want to be.

My forth commandment is that schools should allow kids to dress the way they want, as long as it is still proper. It really bugs me that school tell you can’t have color in your hair, piercings, are certain types of clothing. A child should be able to express themselves the way they want, no matter if will be a so call distraction to other kids. I really don’t think it would make that much or a distraction. Schools should not be able take away a child’s right express themselves.

My fifth commandment is that you should be able to use your own religion against some one. It really bugs me when people do that. People have the right to do what they want. Religious people believe they have the right to tell other people what they can and cannot do. It is the person’s choice whether or not they want to follow that religion. It drive me crazy when I’m talking to friends and someone walks up telling us to stop. I really hate it. We don't have to follow a religion just because you do. We have our own lives, and what not.

My sixth commandment is that foster kids shouldn't just be tossed from home to home. They pretty much hand them a bag and tell them to get their stuff. Could you imagine being a young child going through that. I had brothers at one point that had been in foster care for a lot of their lives, and I know that it was really hard on them. Being bounced from home to home, I wouldn’t be able to do that. I think no matter what the kids should stay with the same family until they are adopted. It is shown that many kids that are in foster care have stress and or anxiety problems.

May seventh commandment is one that means a lot to me. I think that America is just plain unjust, why would you allow every one rights to be who they are. But then tell Homosexual, Transgender, Pansexual, and Bisexual people that they can’t love who they want to love. I have friends that feel as if the society they live in will push them away it the come out with who they are. It makes rather sad that every one else can to what they want, but these people have to live in the shadows of our society. If we have the rights to express ourselves, why should they have the right to tell the people of our country that they can’t be who they are?

All together this paper is made up of a lot of the things I highly believe in and things that mean the world to me. If these things could truly be put into place in our world it would be amazing. My seven commandments are things that would change our world for the best. I wish I could have added so much more to this paper. Because I have so many more words to express over these things.

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