The beast.

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The beast.

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(( Came up with this after watching Hidden Anger, amazing move if I may say. If you get the chance rest it or something.))

The Beast

There is a beast with in us all a beast that cannot be stopped by merely the words of a human. This beast may and will show in all of us over a lifetime of pain, hate, and fear. But for some it may come in strong, and be unstoppable. Danny is one of those unlucky people where their beast is harder to keep in then others. Danny Rolend’s went through a life of bullying and hate, but in his last year of high school, it comes out a little stronger then he would have thought.

As the bell sounded the class stood with a thunder of voices. Once the room was empty and silent a young male stood and tossed his bag over his scrawny shoulder. His feet fell silently on the floor has he took his slow steps to the door. Dreading the moment he hit the hellhole known as the halls as the hallways. Just has his foot hit the tile of the hall he was shoved from the door by one of the school jocks letting out a growl the boy stepped from the room into the never ending hallways. Slipping by the groups of laughing girls, and jocks he found his way to his next class. The male placed his bag on the floor next to his chair and gave a smile to his only known friend. Sitting he pulled out his notebook which seemed to mean the world to him.

“Danny you okay.” Came the voice next to him. Bringing the dark haired male out of the trance he had been lost in. Giving a nod he opened his notebook and lifted his pen to the page. Just as he did so the high-pitched female voice came from the front of the room. Danny winced and placed his pen back down on the table. His blue eyes sending daggers at the woman whose voice rang across the almost empty room.

“Please open your books and turn to the page on the board.” She said before taking her seat at the front of the room. Danny’s only movements after her instructions were the slow rise and fall of his chest and the tapping of his fingers on the wooden desk. The woman’s sharp brown eyes met Danny’s with a look that could kill a man. “Mr. Rolend.” She snapped with “her nail on the chock board voice.” “Get your book out now.” Danny just sat in his desk staring back at the woman. “Mr. Rolend I sick and tired of you not doing your work. Do you just come here to waist our time?” The woman asked now standing from where she had been seated. And with that the dark haired male stood and grabbed his notebook before walking out the classroom door. The woman at the front of the room merely sighed and sat back down in her desk.

After the lunch bell rang and he was let out of the headmaster’s office, Danny headed out into the schoolyard and sat under one of the large oak trees. Resting his head on the tree he sighed and closed his eyes. Not long after he felt someone tap the two of his shoe, looking up Danny gave a light two-second smile and placed his notebook on the ground next to him. “Why did you just leave the class like that?” Asked the shaggy haired blonde who was now seated next to Danny.

“You know why I did it.” Danny said in a growling voice.

An exasperated sigh came from the blonde and he rubbed his forehead lightly. “Danny there not gonna deal with this much longer there gunna have you done with and outta here soon.”

“Ryan do you think I really care?” The dark haired male asked with a growl.

“No I don’t, but still you have to at least try.”

“What is the point I see none?”

“God Damn it Danny! What do you mean what’s the point!” With an annoyed groan the sandy haired male stood and tossed a small brown sack on the others lap. “Eat.” And with that he was back into the school house.

Danny’s dark blue eyes look down at the bag in disgust and pushed it away. No know ever knew why, but the dark haired male hardly ever ate. It drove the few friends he had up the wall.

Danny pulled out the black and red note book that he cherished so greatly and started to write. After what seemed like a mere five minutes the bell sounded and Danny placed his notebook into his backpack. With care that he only showed a few choice things. Standing the dark haired male stood and swung his bag over his shoulder.

Danny slowly walked to the only class he was passing, art. Walking into the room the young teacher gave him a smile, and oddly he smiled back. “Good afternoon Danny.” The light voice came from the desk at the front of the room. Danny’s dark blue eyes glided over to match the voice with a face.

“Good afternoon.” Danny said before sitting down at his desk. Danny pulled the ripped book from his bag and placed it on the table. Quickly flipping passed the drawing from weeks before. The room soon filled with other people


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