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Spotty's People...

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I guess I should add them, that way I feel like everyone else!!! Nah, it's 3:28 in the morning (California Time) and I have nothing else to do.

Gabrielle Jay Valentine............
The Much Approved Basics
Name::: Gabrielle Jay Valentine
Preferred name::: Blue
Age::: Seventeen years old
Gender::: "I've taken enough showers to confirm that I am, indeed, a taco shell." Female.
Date of Birth::: March 17th
Other::: Bipolar, ADHD, ADD, OCD, suffering from PTSD, Passive Aggressive, Lactose Intolerant, alcoholic, ex-druggie, cutter (cuts herself), dyslexic, claustrophobic, musician, singer, and dancer.[/font]

Is Love Really Important?
Sexual Orientation::: Pansexual
Relationship Status::: Single
Mother::: Kitty Valentine [Deceased] Rebecca Smith [Adopted]
Father::: Noah MacManus [Deceased] Micheal Smith [Adopted]
Brothers::: OC; Tanner Smith [Adopted]
Sisters::: OC; Nicole Smith [Adopted]
Other Kin::: Meredith and Micheal MacManus, grandparents.
Friends::: "The voices inside my head."
Enemies::: "The voices inside my head. Oh? You didn't mean those... well then... Can I count you?"
Pet(s)::: A Fennec Fox by the name of Silver.

How About We Dig Deeper?
Personality::: Blue . . . what to say about such a free spirited, pure, reckless young girl, she is a fire ball, a bomb waiting to go off! Blue is a hurricane, something you've never seen before. Her wild determination and independence can get her far, but in deep trouble also. But, hey! Nothing she can't handle. Blue may look sweet, loving, and even helpless almost . . . but looks can fool. When in a fight she is fierce, fiery, sassy, strong, witty, and clever. One thing you can definitely say about Blue is that she is loyal, she will forever stay true to her friends no matter where her heart takes her. With her dying breath her mind will be set to keep her friends and family safe. But no matter how great her loyalty, the voices and wandering eyes still surround her. As many think she is a trouble-making, reckless, rebel. Does she care? Nope, not at all! The little spunk is used to doing her own thing, happy to march to the beat of her own drum. And no one... no one will stop her, no one will ever break her. She holds herself together no matter what, and will remain unbroken. But just because she has that reputation, for being some crazy trouble-maker that doesn't seem to care for rules, doesn't mean Blue doesn't know how to love. She is actually quite caring. She is very loving towards children and her friends. She would put her life on the line to save any of her family or friends. Her heart is opened to all, but can be closed quickly by the ones that judge her instantly. Blue wishes to be accepted as she is. But . . . she hasn't found very much acceptance. No matter, she still has herself and her adventures. During her alone time she is usually sketching or hustling. Another thing you should know about Blue is that she isn't afraid of you. Isn't afraid to stand up to you, and isn't afraid to take you on in a fight. If you need to be told something that's hard to hear, she'll be the one to tell you like it is. And she will be happy to argue with your opinion if she believes it is wrong, as Blue stands up for what's right, even if she is standing alone. She doesn't give in and is a great arguer, usually winning. There is so much more to know about this cocky, but, brave girl, so you'll just have to find out.
History::: Blue was born in Belfast, Ireland on March 17, 1994. She lived the first five years of her life in Ireland before moving to America. When she was six, her parents died in a car accident. Blue was sent to live with her grandparents, who had moved from Ireland to take care of her. For three years, Blue lived with her grandparents. Her grandmother, a lovely woman named Meredith, made Blue learn dance and music. Blue can play: the piano, guitar [electric and acoustic], violin, flute, and drums. Meredith also had Blue take dancing classes: ballet, hip-hop, jazz, tap, ballroom, waltz, tango, salsa, and her cultural dance. Blue's grandfather, Micheal, taught her art. Sketching, painting, and sculpting. When Blue was eight, her grandfather got lung cancer and died six months later. Her grandmother, was depressed and died three months after her husband. With no other caretakers available, Blue was sent into Foster Care, where she learned English. Her disabilities had made it difficult for Blue to stay in place for very long. She moved from Foster Home to Foster Home. When she was ten, Blue got into drugs. She was living with a Foster Home where she would get beat and molested constantly by the father. She found drugs as an escape route. She used meth, cocaine, and heroine. She also started drinking and smoking. Well, the mixture of alcohol and drugs caused her to have an Over Dose and nearly die. Blue was sent to rehab to get help. After six months, Blue got out and was sent to a Foster Home again. She was only eleven. When Blue was walking home from school, a man grabbed her and dragged her into an alley where he raped her and nearly beat her to death. She was found by a couple jogging by because they heard her moans. She was in the hospital for eight months. The man had punctured one of her lungs and a kidney. She was sent into another foster home to recover. She recovered and began carrying a knife with her everywhere. She worked on her accuracy and made sure it was perfect, and it is. She had grown cold and distant towards people, not trusting. In this foster home, Blue was leaving the bathroom when her foster father came home, drunk. He stopped Blue in the hallway and pinned her to the wall. Blue had just gotten out of the shower and was in just a towel. He forced her to kiss him then he ripped the towel off and went to rape Blue. Blue slapped him and got away, she ran to the library and he followed, obviously not done. She got cornered and he grabbed her again, he kissed her roughly and wouldn't let go, so Blue grabbed a pencil, after a moment of searching, and stabbed him in the arm. He let go. Blue bolted out of the library. She ran down the stairs and into the kitchen where she grabbed a kitchen knife. He followed her, after taking the pencil out, into the kitchen and charged her. He slipped on a puddle of water and fell onto the knife. Blue let go, and watched in shock as the man she lived with for three months bled to death. Blue called 9-1-1 and told them the whole story. She proved it was an accident and the charges were dropped. But Blue got sent to another rehab because she began drinking again. She stayed there for a while and when she got out, moved in with the Smith family. The mother, Rebecca Smith was a very successful lawyer and the father, Micheal Smith , was a highly recommended designer. They were a rich family with two kids already. Tanner and Nicole Smith. Nicole instantly didn't like Blue, she hated how the white-haired lass was always getting the most attention, while Nicole hated Blue, Tanner loved her. He loved how she spoke and he found found her life story interesting, though when he asked her. His answer: a stab wound. Tanner knew he would of reacted the same way, and told his mom he ran into a loose nail in the barn they owned. Blue went to school with the children and there, Nicole made her life hell. She would constantly pick on Blue, until, finally Blue got fed up and beat the shit out of Nicole. She left the girl bloody and broken. Nicole is terrified of Blue now and won't speak to her directly, the way Blue likes it. Blue got back into drinking and smoking, though she's left the drugs behind for good. Through all that, when Blue would get over-whelmed, she would release it by cutting herself. She has over two hundred scars on her forearm. She counted. One hundred on each arm. And here she is, Blue. [Note A lot more happen, I just couldn't find words to put it in so I'll be roleplaying a lot of it out.]
-Weaponry [Knives, swords, guns, grenades, etc]
-Hacking into things [Hacker]
-Dancing [Ballet, jazz, tap, hip-hop, salsa, Irish, tango, ballroom, waltz, etc]
-Playing music [guitar, harp, violin, drums, piano, flute, etc]
-Singing in the shower [xD]
-Cool summer nights
-Hot-wiring cars
-Manipulating people
-Sudden noises
-Snooty people
-Hot summer afternoons
-Being used
-Talking her way out of things
-Mentally unstable
-Thinking things through
-Back talking
-Not trusting people
-Shell fish
-Fake metal
Theme Song(s):::
-Trapt: "Headstrong"
-Carrie Underwood: "Undo It"
-Eminem: "Beautiful"
-Brad Paisley ft Alison Krauss: "Whiskey Lullaby"
-P!nk: "Fucking Perfect"
-Cascada: "Bad Boy"
-Panic! At The Disco: "Lying Is The Most Fun A Girl Can Have Without Taking Her Clothes Off"
-Linkin Park: "One Step Closer"
-Skillet: "Whispers In The Dark"
-Nelly Furtado: "Promiscuous"
-Rihanna: "Unfaithful"
-Eminem: "Not Afraid"
-Disciple: "Dear X".

Aren't You a Pretty Thing?
Hair color::: White
Eye color::: Pale, icy blue. She looks blind...
Body type::: Slim, lean, and curvy.
Skin tone::: Ivory pale
Height::: 5.0ft
Weight::: Eighty-five pounds; extremely underweight due to medication and metabolism.
Scars::: Covering her forearms and one across her back [Starting at her left shoulder and ending at her right shoulder]
Tattoos::: Tiger Lilies going down her leg and over the top of her foot.

Piercings::: Ears, tongue, and navel.

Tanner Micheal Smith.............
The Much Approved Basics
Name::: Tanner Micheal Smith
Preferred name::: Tanner or Tan
Age::: Eighteen years of age
Gender::: "Isn't it obvious? I'm a purple mushroom with yellow spots!" Male
Date of Birth::: December 25th
Other::: Suffers from Multiple Personality Disorder, MPD.

Is Love Really Important?
Sexual Orientation::: Straight
Relationship Status::: Single
Mother::: Rebecca Smith
Father::: Daniel Smith
Brothers::: N/A
Sisters::: Nicole Smith and Gabrielle Valentine [Adopted]
Other Kin::: N/A
Friends::: Few...
Enemies::: A lot....
Pet(s)::: An Australian Shepherd by the name of Scout.

How About We Dig Deeper?
Personality::: Tanner is a true example of multiple personalities, one moment he's happy and wants to be everyone's friend. The next, he wants to rip your throat out and tear you to shreds. In his friendly "personality" he wants to hang out with everyone, like an over-active puppy, though he knows when someone wants him to leave them alone. Now, he may be open and funny in his happy mood, but in his "dark personality" he is mean, cruel, and wants nothing to do with people. He will put a person down and not feel bad, it's like he's frozen and numb to everything around him. Tanner's personalities can flip like a dime, so that's why he's a danger to people. There is only a few people who can calm him down and get through to him, and that's his sister. Though that's also rare, he usually stays away from people and just stays holed up in his bedroom, drinking his miseries away. When Tanner is in his dark mood, he gives off this aura of dark, mysterious power. It makes him all the more attractive in some girl's eyes. He doesn't give girls the time of day when he's in this "off mode" but catch him in his "on mode" and he's a huge flirt. He's a smooth-talker and it's rare when he doesn't have anything to say and it's only happened to him once. When he first met his ex-girlfriend, Miranda. After his girlfriend left him, Tanner decided not to love. Just have sex with no strings attached. He isn't into relationships, just sex. So, in all, Tanner is a sex-addicted, split-personality boy. Try and catch him on the flip side.
History::: "................."
Interests::: Not many things.....
Dislikes::: Everything else, but mostly love.
Strengths::: Gambling, concealing his true nature, and not loving.
Flaws::: A lot....
Allergies::: None.
Theme Song(s)::: "Addicted" by Saving Abel and "You Stupid Girl" by Framing Hanley

Aren't You a Pretty Thing?
Hair color::: Blond with darker roots
Eye color::: Pale, moss green
Body type::: Lean
Skin tone::: Lightly tanned
Height::: 6.0ft
Weight::: 130 pounds
Scars::: N/A
Tattoos::: N/A
Piercings::: N/A

Charlotte Marie Jacobs...............
The Much Approved Basics
Name::: Charlotte Marie Jacobs
Preferred name::: Charmander, Charmer, Charlie, Char, Cj...
Age::: Nineteen years of age
Gender::: Female
Date of Birth::: February 14th
Other::: N/A

Is Love Really Important?
Sexual Orientation::: Straight
Relationship Status::: Single
Mother::: Madeline Jacobs
Father::: Matthew Jacobs
Brothers::: N/A
Sisters::: N/A
Other Kin::: N/A
Friends::: She has some, but not many.
Enemies::: Again, some, but not many.
Pet(s)::: An Ocelot by the name of Echo.

How About We Dig Deeper?
Personality::: Charlotte is a sweet, but sad girl, but she will let you know if she doesn't trust you or like you. She can be a great listener and will give really good advice, though she has a hard time following her own words. She isn't afraid to express her thoughts if she thinks what is going on isn't right. Her demeanor changes when she's in an argument, she pulls up really good points and won't hesitate to hurt you if it has to be done to get her point across. So, it's easy to sum up: Charlotte has split personalities. She is sweet one moment then cold and distant the next. She loves to build thngs and use her imagination, she's really good at putting it to use in her artwork, though she is shy when someone asks to see her work. She has a nasty habit of biting her lower lip and it's a tall-tale sign of showing she's nervous or uncomfortable. So, there isn't much to this shy but loving girl.
History::: Charlotte was born in Sacramento, California and lived there until she was ten before moving to Hooker, Oklahoma. The reason for moving was her father was being hunted down for something he didn't do. Charlotte hadn't minded moving, but she didn't like her new neighbors. The father of her new friends, Poppy and Quinn, had taken an unusual liking to Charlotte. He didn't show it when her parents were around, but did whenever she was playing with the twins. When Charlotte turned thirteen, she had stayed the night at their house, and she got raped that night. Charlotte told her father the same night because she ran home after getting away from him. Her father was furious, he went over there and beat the shit out of the other man. Charlotte's father got sent to prison for five years on an attempted murder charge. Charlotte and her mother moved the next week to Billings, Montana where Charlotte met the boy of her dreams (such a cliche) and fell madly in love with him, or so she thought. The boy's name was James, and he was a year older than her. She begun dating James when she turned fifteen and had lost her virginity to the boy. Well, it turned out the boy had been cheating and had given Charlotte an STD. Her mother found out after Charlotte had taken care of the disease and forbid her to see James ever again. James wasn't liking the idea of Charlotte having to break up with him and convinced her to run away, Charlotte, being in love, agreed in a heartbeat, and packed her things that night. They had stayed on the lamb for two months before Charlotte found out she was pregnant, and begged James to take her home. James refused, and beat Charlotte every time she brought the idea up. After two weeks of beatings, Charlotte gave up on the idea of ever seeing her mother again. James, feeling ownership over Charlotte, began selling her body for money. Little did he know, he was hurting his unborn child. Charlotte had a miscarriage at four weeks and James thought it was Charlotte's fault. He had pinned her to the ground and began strangling her, she had grabbed a piece of metal close by and stabbed him in his side. She ran away as he screamed in agony and slowly bled to death. Charlotte ran straight home and found out her father died, mother had remarried, and was pregnant. But, Charlotte was welcomed home and told her mother everything. Her mother was horrified and had just told Charlotte everything was going to be alright and to tell the police right away. Charlotte did and had to prove it was self defense, she proved it to them and didn't get charged but they suggested her mother put her in a hospital to get everything checked out. Charlotte turned out to have gotten a few STDs that were treatable. She got them fixed after a few months, but now that she's healthy. Living a full-filling life as a nursery caretaker.
Interests::: Animals, silence, art, swimming, and video games.
Dislikes::: Loud, obnoxious people.
Strengths::: Stealth, silence, and hiding.
Flaws::: Is easily scared, too timid, and doesn't like talking.
Allergies::: Dust and pollen
Theme Song(s)::: Eminem ft Lil Wayne: "No Love".

Aren't You a Pretty Thing?
Hair color::: White
Eye color::: A water-like blue-green; aquamarine.
Body type::: Slim and curvy
Skin tone::: Ivory pale
Height::: 5.7ft
Weight::: 130 pounds
Scars::: N/A
Tattoos::: N/A
Piercings::: Ears and navel

Samuel Micheal Edwards.............
The Much Approved Basics
Name::: Samuel Micheal Edwards
Preferred name::: Sam
Age::: Seventeen years of age
Gender::: Male
Date of Birth::: October 31st
Other::: No

Is Love Really Important?
Sexual Orientation::: Straight
Relationship Status::: Single
Mother::: "She died at my birth...."
Father::: Austin Edwards....
Brothers::: Only child
Sisters::: Only child
Other Kin::: N/A
Friends::: None... yet.
Enemies::: None... yet
Pet(s)::: A long-haired German Shepherd by the name of Dawn.

How About We Dig Deeper?
Personality::: Two words: Soft and silent.
History::: "Two words: go and away."
Interests::: Art, reading, and cooking
Dislikes::: Loud, startling noises
Strengths::: ..........
Flaws::: A lot
Allergies::: None
Theme Song(s):::

Aren't You a Pretty Thing?
Hair color::: Chestnut brown
Eye color::: Deep blue
Body type::: Lean, but on the muscular side.
Skin tone::: Light, not pale nor tan.
Height::: 6.0ft
Weight::: 140 pounds
Scars::: N/A
Tattoos::: N/A
Piercings::: N/A

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