Biting the poisoned Apple

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Biting the poisoned Apple

Post  Guest on Tue Jul 03, 2012 3:45 pm

This a My little pony (Mlp) writing .
and my first writing


Welcome to Apple woods Senior High school for The rich ponies . Were drama everywhere including outside of the school. We Follow Lives Of Tulip, Glimmer and Violet. Three sassy popular ponies who know it all. But what happen when Lies are spread and secret are kept? “will there word crumble to pieces and stay in ruined or will there be able to pick it the pieces and put them together again? Find out more in Biting the Apple that poisoned.


I sat there on the bench. Staring at everyone else who was walking around while I was trying to get my thought together. “It’s the First day of High school. I’m no longer a Colt. No I I’ve grown out of that stage. I’m a big girl. She looks around again. No signs of Glimmer or Violet I said with a sigh. I scanned at my overhead purse. “Shoot no gum”. I thought for a minute “Maybe there in bathroom putting on makeup .if not I can ask someone for gum .everyone has gum” lifted me off the bench to take a walk to the bathroom when a rushing pony rammed me to the floor. I got up and put hove on my head. The Pony look at her wide eyed. “I’m so sorry; I didn’t mean ram into you I swear it was an accident please don’t…” Tulip interrupted her “don’t worry it ok, I be fine. I let out a smile. “I’m Magenta. Ummm…. You’re new?” Said Magenta.” yes I am. In fact.....Tulip! Tulip looks to see her friends Glimmer and Violet.

Violet examine Magenta only to give her a look of disprove. “So Magenta isn’t time for you to go breakfast and take your meds?” Said Violet with awkward voice. Look at Magenta and then I remember. Violet didn’t like her because Magenta was believe to be crazy. She did ram me but then again she apologizes. ”that right, Well bye” she darted off. Violet look at me “why were you talking to her?” ohm, I ran into her well she ran into me. “She a psycho path” I wanted say something but then again didn’t violet to lecture me. So I nodded little bit. “Great you understand”. Violet let out a smirk. “Yay School” said Glimmer. “Come on Tulip. You know this year going freaking boring as hell”. Violet look at Glimmer “that the best way describe school Glim” Glimmer frowned. “But its true laughed a little .oh glim you haven’t changed a bit during the summer. Well let’s look over schedule. “Omg We has lot of classes together.” Said Violet with a squeal. Well let get to class. I hold my arm up. Let do it wizard of oz style. ”ok” said Glimmer she put her arm thought my arm. Violet look at us, raising an eyebrow you serious. ”come on violet please.” Glimmer fluttered her eyes. “Fine she put her thought mine. “Let go” said Glimmer happily she began skipping. Violet joined in with song somewhere over the rainbow then I joined in singing along.


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Re: Biting the poisoned Apple

Post  Wolves-Rule1 on Thu Sep 06, 2012 5:45 pm

Okay who ever the hell wrote this needs to go back and to some major editing. " She a psyico path" ...? Love writing is not to be mesedt with.

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