Star Gazer ( Short story.)

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Star Gazer ( Short story.)

Post  Wolves-Rule1 on Wed Jun 13, 2012 7:10 pm

The young woman lay gazing up at the stars, so many of them in the sky above her. Rose had never seen starts like this before. Never so many at once. Where she's from she almost never got to see the starts, the lights of new york made that to hard. But here in the mountains of Montana she was lost in them. When Rose was a child she would often come it her grandfathers farm and lay in the back of his truck watching the starts. But it had been nine years since she had came. She found herself feeling like a little little kid again. Smiling looking up at the stars. Drawing pictures in her mind. Her grandfather walked up with a smile.

" Star gazing again is we?" He asked looking down at his granddaughter. His pail blue eyes shinning in the night, his white hair like a light in the darkness. " Yeah, yeah I am." Rose sighed with a smile. " I love it here gramps."

" I know you do Rose, but it's time to come in it's getting late out." The girl nodded and stood walking with him back to the house. Rose sat in the living room looking out the window. " All this will one day be yours Rose?"

" Really?" She asked looking over at him. " Yes, when my time comes, this will be passed to you. Your mother never wanted it, and your father is too busy." A grin came over Rose's face and she looked out the window again. This will some day be mine? That's so cool.

Three weeks latter

Rose woe up that morning and walked into the kitchen. " Gramps?" She asked with no reply. The man was always up by now, sitting at the kitchen table waiting for Rose to wake. Rose walked into her grandfathers room, where he still lay in bed. Rose stopped in the door way. " Gramps?" She said trying to get the man up, but he did move. " Grandpa?" She ask shaking him, he was ice cold to the touch. Rose let out a scream and ran out to the stable. The closet neighbor with a phone lived twenty miles away in the other town. Rose jumped on her horse Midnight and took off up the road. Seconds felt like hours as she road. When Rose got to the house she got off the horse before he had even stopped and ran to the door, pounding on it with both fists. " Mrs. Kastil!" She shouted. The woman came to the door.

" Rose what's wrong dear?" She asked whiping her hands on a towel.

" I think my grandfather's dead." The girl said fighting back tears. The womans jaw dropped as she looked at her. The woman quickly called 911 and headed out tp her car. Rose got in and the woman pulled up. Midnight followed as the car drove.

Two months latter

Rose lay out on the grass gazing up at the stars. It was hard no longer having her grandfather here. Gramps are you one of the stars up there? If you are, I hope you can here my thoughts. I love you and I miss you so very much. I'm lost without you in my life, but I'll stand strong and take care of the place you loved. Rose sighed she had no one at the large fram with her, it was just her and the animals. Every once in a while her father would come up, but not very often.

Years passed day after day Rose would wake up early and care for the animal. She met a man names Derek and they started a family. Rose would lay out in the grass every night watching the stars. The kids all soon moved and found homes of there own, started familys of their own. Rose grew old her time would soon come. He grandson Alex would often come out to the ranch. She told him just what her grandfather had told her. And like her grandfather Rose's time soon came, but it came while she was gazing at the stars. Rose then took her place in the stars with her grandfather. He grandson Alex would lay out in the grass every night and gaze at the stars. Day after day caring for what she loved.

OOC: Okay so this was like off the top of my head, and it's not my best, but let me know what you think. =D

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