Forever Free- Part 2

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Forever Free- Part 2

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"I hate my life!" I yelled to no one. After 3 weeks of staying alone in my house I was going nuts. Why did my parents have to go to that ball! I put my head in my hands and sighed. My grandma was supposed to be here in a week, but I didn't know if I coud survive unti then. The emerency money my parents had left me had almost ran out, and my job only paid $4 an hour- not enough to survive on. I texted Miya, my friend, "Hey whats up?" "Not much WBY?" "Same as usual- Nuthin" "Wanna come over?" "Sure, be over in a min" I walked over to her house, glad to be out of mine. When I got there, she was sitting on her couch, texting someone. I looked at her phone through her window. Now, you might say this is wrong, but to me and Miya this was normal. Me- "Lol! Luv u babe!" Jakey- "Luv u 2, talk to ya later" Me- "U no it!!! See ya". She put her phone down and I ducked out of view. She couldnt be texting my boyfriend Jake. It had to be someone else. I rang her doorbell and waited for a minute. When she answered it, she didn't have her phone with her. I came in and went to her room, her following. "Oh, I forgot I have to call my grandma! Can I use your phone?" A look of nervousness flashed on her face, but then she said "Sure". I picked up her phone, but instead of dialing my grandmas number, I look through her texts with 'Jakey'. Sure enough, it was my boyfriend Jake. "HOW COULD YOU" I yelled angerly, then threw her phone at her, most likely breaking it, and stormed out of her house. I went home and began to cry. Why did my life have to be like this? I might as well not be freakin alive.Heyyy, good idea. I called my grandma and told her my idea, she tried to talk me out of it but all I said was "I love you, good-bye" I went to the kitchen and got out the sharpest knife. Just like that I was gone......TO BE CONTINUED


Dieing is painful, especially when you commit suicide with a butchers knife. But the afterlife? The afterlife is a whole nother story. It is nothing like people think- but let me start from the beginning. As i sliced my breathing pipe, tears of pain were rolling down my face. And then it suddenly all stoped. The pain, the tears, any emotions i ever had. It was just like i had passed out. My thoughts stopped for a long minute, then stared up again as i appeared on a patch of grass, wearing a silk gown. Based on this, i thought peopes conclusions on the afterlife were correct. I was very wrong. I walked toward a shining bright light, knowing it was heaven and not wanting to look the other way. St Peter opened the gate after looking at me for a moment. "You are Free Forever" he said, nodding in my direction. Another person was behind me now, so i passed through the gates. In the after life, people do not wak on clouds, they do not have wings. They do not all know one another. I wandered around, hating that i didnt see my parents. I walked past a building, gancing at the name, then backed up and looked again. FIND A LOVED ONE <3 it said. I went inside and waited in line for what felt like forever, though there was no time but day, afternoon, and night in the afterlife. when it was my turn at the machine, i typed in my parents names. First my moms, then my dads. Luckily, they still lived together, even in the afterlife. 4638 harp Ave i thought repeatedly. People were sure right about the cheesy street names. I turned down Harp Ave, walking slower than ever. For some reason i was nervous. I had feeling they knew what i had done. Did i mention that in the afterlife, you are weightless? Well, I figuured that out walking down the street to my parents house. I wondered if i had a house, then pushed that thought out of my mind as i walked/glided up my parents walkway. I took a deep breath and rung the doorbell.....TO BE CONTINUED

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