-Lead On The Night- Part One

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-Lead On The Night- Part One

Post  Paranoiac Razor on Fri Jun 01, 2012 12:26 am

Joseph he walked down a trail, he fallowed it, as he pasted a building, the sign said 'Test Subject Needed For Safe Experiment Pays Well' Joseph slowly walked in, as the Sciencetist was running up to me. "Hello!!! Have you Come to join my Experiment!?" joseph nodded afraid to talk, Joseph hated his life. he was that kid who was bullied and shy and picked on. As the Sciencetist brough me down into a room with a white flat suface, as He opened the White door, Joseph Layed down in the bed. As he layed there. Gas's Flow Threw there, as He passed out. The Sciencetist put a sign up by my White Surface, It Said 'Due Awakening 1/1/8000' 5989 years later My white surface opened as i raised up, opening my eyes, with Green Vines hanging from my wall. wall of green. i hoped out as i was surounded by Dirt, there was a rusty old Shuvel, i before to big myself out, as i finally made it to the top, the light hit my eyes as i put my arm above my eyes. i looked around and begun to walk one direction, for hours before dark, there was an old house, looks good as new, but at the sign it said. beware of Monsters. Joseph mummbled as he opened the door as the door screcked, he looked around in shoked as Joseph cleaned up the place, after alittle i decided to go exsplore the new world joseph lived in. He walked out the door, was it only him in this world anyone else? Joseph saw a cave he decided to go ahead and walked in, he had a knife he found in his new house,as he looked around with a lighter in his hand. he found a hammer he jumped and grabed it, he started breaking stones and stuff for diamond's and such and such. Joseph just went on and on with breaking stones. as he saw a light deep down. he looked closely his eyes squinting in better view, he saw the light it was a torch.everything was ruined, fence wires hanging from the cieling. i looked around more as i saw Signs. People been here! he jumped and ran to the sign's as he read them it said 'Date: 12/09/7998, We Exscaped Nolonger Must We Suffer His Evil, We Made Swords Out of The Diamonds We Had Smuggled,The Old Man Is Weakened Only By The Diamonds Of The Earth. The Sulpher Of The Creeper and The Lava Of The Nether Will End His Immortal Reign! If We Only Had The Resources Too Finish Him...His Minions Have Been Searching For Us For Day's. It Seems Like They Will Soon Fi' for some reason the message stoped. I Turned and begun my Adventure But Thoughs Pounded His Head. As he saw Diamond and Broke down the Stone and Took The Diamond's Puting them into his Pocket's. I Walked. As I Got Out of The Cave, It Was Night Time, I Signed, and Saw Creature's I May have Never seen Before Comeing Out of The Portal of the Neather. I Had My Hammer or Anything I Had That I'v Found. I Ran Too My House, As I Had a Creature Blow Up as I Flew Back, I Hit the Ground and Grunted In Pain.I Saw a Black Animal Attack The Creature's A Wolf...A Wolf I Say. I Smiled But Didn't Know If It was Friendly. There it Was The Black Wolf Came Up to Me, and Nudged me. I Smiled and Brought Him into my House, as I Petted Him and He sat on the Floor His Tail wagging. I Put a Red Collar Around His Neck, His name was now 'Bruno' as my and Bruno everyday we would run outside and adventure roll in the grass, attack cows for the fun of it. we would run down the hills singing anything we wanted. Joseph tripped and layed on the grass Bruno would lay next to him. after a couple hours of true fun. They Sat on the Cliff and watched the Sunset. looked at eachother huging eachother. By time the Sunsetted we decided to run home before creatures came out, by the time i got home. Zombies surounded my house, Bruno ran down and attacked the zombies as i heard him Yelp and whimper he layed there bleeding. pawing at me, tear rolling down his face, whimping. slowly closeing his eyes, and passed away. Joseph was on his Knees Crying he layed There he cried himself to sleep. when i woke up that morneing Bruno had already Lost all his meet and his Dust flow away. I stood up and looked at my necklace it said Bruno on it. i wiped the tears from my eyes. Joseph walked the other direction. Serious face, His Heart broken, every creature he saw he Stabed or killed. or shot them with a posion dart. He never went back to his house again, Joseph decided to walk into the cave make swords out of diamond or stone, he made a new home but never made it a real home. My Doors were ride open, my house was connected to a cave, it was raining to i bundled up, and borded up my door. I Stood There haveing Flash backs off my and bruno when i had a bone in my hand. I sat on my bed after i set down the bone, Joseph Went under the covers. The Sadest memeriy was when me and bruno siting at the cliff at the sunset. Before i went to sleep i Quickly got up, i stoped and thought, me being still didnt last long, i walked back and forth with my hand on my chin. I stoped and looked down, i put all my prides and joy into a box. and walked to the doors. i opened one and looked up at the rain. and Walked out, Me Wondering Threw the Woods. I stoped at a Lake and looked down at the water steping on sand. Threw the Night i streamed threw the woods even when the sun rised i still was walking. I Ran and finally made a pitstop i was standing on a tall hill. i never really ever thought about Sunlight i never really noticed everytime i would look up it would be night time. i ran down the hill and stoped myself, my feet slamming into the dirt, i grunted and pulled them out, i stoped at a tree stump. as i got a torch and lit it on fire. Those Messages Of the People who were tortured or had to suffer the evil of the man. I got angery, and went back to another hill it was dark out, i stood on the hill looking seeing the portal to the nether. i was going to go. either way around, I was Smart so I i could see the creatures comeing out of the nether portal. I saw one Creature go into one Direction. I fallowe it. and fallowed it as it was going toward a light. i bend down and saw the creature go down into a hole, as i walked into it too. i stoped and saw two doors and a sign above them, 'Suspension-Chamber' i looked at it for a second. As for every mind, i had to walk in, as i walked in there was tons of White Surfaces. The Things I Slept in Intill Now. Saying The Dates They Were Apost to be Awaken. There was a Switch, I Switched it and the door opened it was a Girl, Brown hair green eyes wearing a red shirt and blue jeans and sandles. i looked at her, as i ran down switching every single one of the White Surfaces, There was alot of people, As usual, I was the one being the leader. everyone was fallowing me including the dudes. We All ran down the cave. As I had my Sword and Armor. as everyone steped back because i told them too. i went up the staires seeing a black evil guy. the guy who kept all those people suffering. We Both had Swords, I ran at him and he ran at me, he stabed eachother fought eachother for awhile, we weaked eachother, right that moment we looked at eachother I Grabed a Tnt, and Threw it at him, and Under the nether rock was lava, as the Nether rock blew up and he flew into the air, we both fell into the Lava and burned, and died. as the people i saved ran up to the lava and saw my gone dead. the Girl loked at me haveing a tear as everyone else ran off to reality, the girl fallowed, As everyone got out of the cave and finally for years saw the sunlight. Everyone screamed in happiness and ran around but ran straight one direction, and the girl just looked down the cave haveing a tear for Joseph. she ran off too. after One year, Everyone had there own Village and stuff, as they sat there, at the Sunset thinking about Joseph and Everyone yelled my name, and went back, as the sun setted One Huge Masive Stacue Of Me, Stood Over the Village Meaning Me as Thier Gaurdian.

The End!
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