~On Fire~ Part 6

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~On Fire~ Part 6

Post  Paranoiac Razor on Fri May 25, 2012 4:24 am

will post 1-5 later, just makeing alittle sneek peak

I walked around my room on my phone listening to voice messages, i then fell back onto my bed, slowly siting up, as i heard the someone knock on my door. "Not Now" i heard a knock again "I SAID NOT NOW!" i got up and opened the door seeing Crystal "Oh...hey" i said kind of sad but wondering, "hey..your mom let me in...we need to talk" she said with her phone in her hands. "come sit" i walked over and sat down, as i saw her sit next to me, for at least 10 minutes of silence "Umm we've been siting here for about an 10 minutes and you seem not to say anything, its kind of makeing me scared" he smiled, as he heard her laugh alittle "Its kind of hard to start..." with a moment of silence she finally let it out "My family's been you know lieing to me.i'v been hearing alot of weird convesation's latley, i dont know if its about Derek or not i dont really know accutally..." as i heard my mom open the door and freeze my attentions to Crystal as i turned to my Mom, She looked at us "What? do i look horrible" "No No you look Amazing...why do you look amazing?" i said with my face going plain, "well a Guy came in my work and we talked only thing i remember is him asking me to dinner." she smiled. "Wow mom...", Derek was at his House with Drake walking up on his Burned porch, He was scared to walk in or even touch the door handle, drake looked back at Derek, "theres everything you want in there" Drake mumbled as he Opened the door, as Derek Grabed his shoulder and pulled him in, as Drake looked around "i remember this place.." he looked around more "The staires the walls." derek had the mean face "You've been here before?" Drake turned to him. "Uh.." He didnt understand intill he saw Derek's face emotion "No ones here I swear no ones here.." "Suure" drake started to have tears to his eyes, as he fell onto the staire case as Derek got closer as his Claws Grew, derek seemed in his killer mood, as i saw his Claws grow, and his eye color changed "i dont deserve this!" "i think you do.." "NO I DONT!" Derek pushed Drake down more makeing his back pop "I dont care you have perfect hair. I dont care if you drive a exspecive car, I DONT CARE IF YOUR CAPTIAN OF THE LACROSSE TEAM!" Derek saw me ontop of the staire case, still hateing myself from leaveing Crystal as i jumped from top step to bottom. as I turned werewolf and so did Derek. I roared as a Silver Bullet his my chest, i begun to bleed my blood was black. i slammed up agaisnt the wall makeing sure i didnt get shot, as amillion bullets and light pistols went threw the door walls whatever, Derek yelled "SCOTT GO!! GET OUT OF HERE!' derek didnt seem to see me leave as i was in pain, he closed his eyes and got up and picked me up and pushed me to go, as he ran up agaisnt the door, as he opened it and roared, for all i know i was running with my vision bluring up, as the tree's in the woods moved in my vision, i slamed into a tree and fell to the ground. "crystal...." as i passed out.
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