Run Alone Chapter One A Life of Hell

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Run Alone Chapter One A Life of Hell

Post  Wolves-Rule1 on Thu May 24, 2012 5:45 pm

Xie was just another wolf. But unlike most, Xie had no den, no pack, no family. She was lost, so young and left out in the streets. Those stupid humans, didn't they no nothing other then hate? Little Xie had been taken from her mother as just a young pup. Xie was alone a week old when they did so. They took her to a horrid cold, and sickening place, where they poked and prodded her. Making her sick and weak, they shoved tubes down her throat to fill her stomach with unknown things. Xie thought that she would surely die. But then, a young man came in and unlocked all the cages, breaking some. Xie alone with 500 other animals got away, but now Xie was lost on the streets of this city. She sat on the side of the road her small white form shaking, almost black with grime. Xie looked around. No one would stop, she was just another stay on the road. All I want is to be back in the forest. Xie laid her small head down on her paws. She began to shake as a light rain started to fall. She let her little blue eyes close.

Just as she did a huge monster stopped in front of her. Xie looked at the thing's bright glowing eyes. She yelped and tried to get up. Just as the things eyes went black. A tall human got out from the monster. Xie yelped and tried to run, but soon the human had her in it's arms. She yelped and barked, crying as loud as she could, she kicked her small legs and tried her best to break free. " Shut up ya stupid mutt!" The human snapped. Xie yelped as her small form was slapped. Xie just closed her blue eyes and waited for her death to come.

God will you just let me die now. She pled tears falling into her nasty fur. Please, just please I don't want to go back there. Xie tried to hold back the whimpers as the human started to walk. Her little blue just before she was tossed into the back of the truck with the other animals. A large dog walked over to here. Xie just closed her eyes and whimpered. Her leg was killing her, blood began to soak her grim filled fur. Please just take me now.

The other dog stood above her. " Shhhh." He said in a sweet voice. " Are you okay?" Xie opened her eyes and looked at him. She shook her head and closed her eyes once again. " You've just got a little cut. You'll be fine sweetie." The dog sat next to her. His huge golden eyes looking down at her. " How old are you pup?"

Xie opened her eyes and looked at her leg, it was mearly a cut, but it did still hurt. Xie sat up and looked around at the other dogs, cats, and even some animals she had not learned the names of. She had seen some like then in the horrable place. Like the one that was really short with brown and white fur, that seemed to be longer then it should be. She looked at the other dog. " I- I dobn't know, they took me before my eyes were even open." She said looking at the big dog next to her.

" Who took you?" The dog asked looking down at her once again.

" Th- the humans, they took me to a cold and painful place. Where they poked me with sharp things that made me skin feel like fire. They even shoved things in my mouth and filled my tummy. I- it made me sick, but they didn't really care."

The dog looked at Xie with sad eyes. he knew just where she had been taken. He had been there himself when he was younger. " I'm sorry to here that."

" Wh- where are they taking me?" Xie asked as she shook.

" Your being taken to what they call the pound, I've been there time and time again. Humans will take you into thier home, then just leave you for dead on the road. This damned dog catcher keeps getting me." The dog sighed. " What's your name hun?"

Chills went down Xie's spine. " It's not like the cold place is it?!" She asked laying down with a terrified looked on her face.

" No it's nothing like that." The dog licked her ear. " It will be okay. Now what is your name, mine is Brock."

Xie looked at him wehn he licked her ear. She was not used to any other animals being around her. But it didn't really bother her. " My name is Xie."

" What an odd name." Said Brock looking at her. " But I've heard even odder."

Just then all of them were slammed into the front wall as the huge monster stopped. Brock being one of the biggest animals there stood infront of the door. Knowing that the humans where coming with their, ropes on sicks. Brock snarled as the door was opened. Five big humans stood at the door. Brock and the other animals growned and snarled, some just tried to hide. Brock jumped forward at the humans barking.

" Are you kidding this big ol' lug again. We just need to put him to sleep. I mean how many of our workers has he bit?" One of the human asked.

" Over 50." Said the tallest of the five.

" See what I mean." Said the first human again. " get him out first." A rope was pulled over Brocked head, he trashed and bit at the hard stick, barking are howling as he did. Another was put over his head and pulled tight. Brock lunged at the humans at each side of him, but could not get close enough. One of the humans kicked Brock in the side, hard with a booted foot. Inwhich the foot got grabed and trashed around slightly.

Xie wached as he was dragged into the back of the building. The humans then came back after there was a loud spamming of a cage. That sent chills down her spine. Xie closed her eyes, but soon fest something around her small neck. Xie jumped as it was tightened, she let out a loud yelp. The humans dragged her and some other animals off of the human's monster. Xie was tossed into a cage next to Brock's. She just curled into a ball in the back. " Brock why are they so mean."

Brock sighed and shook his head. " I don't know Xie, they don't like animals in this city. But you have a good chance of finding a home, you're still a pup. A fluffy one at that. They may even clean you up, but who knows. Get some sleep." Brock closed his eyes and curled into a huge ball.

Xie wished she was in the cage with him, it was so cold. She sighed and tried to fall asleep, with very little luck.

The next morning Xie jumped as she hurd foot steps, and the clatter of keys. Brock was standing his hair up growling at the human. " Oh hush." Said the human this one was not as big as the others. And it's hair was much longer. The human slipped a bowl into the cage with brock. " Go on big guy eat." The human closed and locked Brock's cage. The hunam that came over and unlocked Xie cage. The human walked in with a small bowl of food and set it on the ground. The human sat with it's knees on the floor.

" Come here puppy." It smiled. Xie growled at the human. " Come here puppy, I'm not going to hurt you" Just the Brock's huge form hit the side of his cage. Ratteling many others. He growled and snarled at the human in the cage. The human just looked at him ." I won't hurt her big guy, dson't worry." The human came closer to Xie and held out it's hand. Her little ears laided flaton her head as she looked at the human. She growled has the human tryed to touch her. " Hey miss let me get you cleaned up." Xie looked over at Brock in the cagenext to her. He gave a small nod.

Xie let the human pick her up. The human smiled and headed into into a small room with a tub. Xie's ears stayed flat to her head. She didn't trust these humans nor would she ever. The human placed her in the cold metel thing and slipped a rope over her head. Xie yelped when she did so. " Shh." Said the human in it soft voice. It wasn't like the others, or the ones at the lab. It was nice. Where there nice humans too? The human started the water making Xie jump, but the water was warm and she soon clmed. The human put stuff in her hair the turned into bubbles then Xie tried to bite and chace. The human laughed. as she did so. The water was put over Xie again and her coat came out white. She could help but wag her little tail. It felt nice. The human dried her and placed her on the floor with a rope around her neck.

" Hey your not that bad." Xie yipped at the human, but it didn't seem to understand. The human took Xie back into the room where Brock was and put her in the cage. Xie wagged her tail and yipped, but then the human was gone. She looked over at Brock. " Brock that human was not that bad. She made me white again!" She yipped happily.

Brock looked at her. " Xie don't let one human let you think they aare all good." He licked his paw lightly. " Humans are not things to be trusted." Xie nodded.

" Okay." She laided down and put her head on her little paws. Just then mpre humans came in. The big ones with the loud voices. Xie crept over into the corner. " Brock? What are they doing?"

Brock looked over at her. " Nothing Xie nothing. Go to sleep." Brock looked over at the humans. " Go to sleep."

Xie closed her eyes and quickly fell alseep. Soon to be awoken by the loud yells of the humans and the barks of the fellow dogs. Xie;s ears went back as she looked at Brock. He was sitting at the front of his cage. Watching. Waiting. " That one!" Said a man. " the big great dane. He's been here for weeks. No one has even looked at him." Hunams went into the cage a pulled the old dog out. He was stiff and weak, but yet they still dragged him. The old dog howled in pain as a human kicked him.

" Walk you stupid old mutt." The dog looked back at the other with sad eyes. He was then dragged into a room. Xie looked at at Brock with fear in her eyes.

" Brock! Brock what are they doing to him. He was old! What are they doing!?" She asked walking over to the side of the cage.

Brock sighed and walked over to where she was touching her nose through the holes. " He had been here too long." Brock sighed. " I'm sorry they had to find you Xie. I'll do my best to get you out." He laided down by the side. " Go back to sleep." Xie laided down so their fur was touchingthought the holes. She looked like a ball on while fluff next to his dark brown mass of fur. He was huge.

Xie woke up the next morning hearing foot steps, she sat up. It was the human, the one that had cleaned her fur the day before. She was slidding bowls of food into the cages. Brock sat at the front of hiscage watching her. " Brock?" Xie said walking over to the front of her cage. " When will they let us outside?" She asked with her little blue puppy eyes.

" They don't." He said not looking at her.

" What do you mean they don't?"

" I mean they never take you out. SOme of these animals will be lucky if they ever see the sun again." Xie whipered.

" Brock I don't like it here."

" None of us do Xie, none of us do." His voice drifted off as two large humans came in alone with five small ones. Xie's ears went back.

" Hey! Adopters! Be good!" Said a dog in the back. All of the dogs rushed to the front of their cages and wagged their tails looking cute. Xie went to the front of her cage and did the same. The human that had filled the bowls lead them down the rows of dogs.

" If you see anyting you like let me know and I'll get it out." The nodded.

" Ooh mom look at this one!" The smallest of them said looking at one of the bigger dogs.

" Sweetie that dog is way to big for us. We need something small." The human groaned and walked with the others.

" What about this one." One of them said.

" Oh that one looks good. What kind is it?" One second largest human said. The nice human walked over, the human was infront of Xie's cage.

" Oh we are not quite she, we think she's part wolf."

Brock looked over at Xie. " What are you?"

" I am a wolf."

" I think she's going to get big though, so i don't think she'd be good for you guys."

" Damn." The human started walking again. But they soon left. " Thank you Mis. Timber."

" I'm sorry we didn't have anything to your likings." The humans left.

" So that's who that is." Brock mumbled. " Mis. Timber she helped me when I was just a pup like you Xie. She is nice. Nicest human I know." Brock sat looking out side the cages. While all of the otherdogs turned and went back into the darkness of their cages.

" Damn." Said Timber. " I wish they would have taken one of you." She left and closed the door.

The doors were pushed open again and the large humans pulled in a dog. It was skinny and looked as if it would fall right there and die. They tossed it in the cage next ti Xie and left.

" Brock the humans are so mean." She looked at the dog. " Brock i don't think it's going to live." Just then Timber walked in and open the cage a man followed her in.

" Lets get this one over to my place quick." She said.

" They'll try to save him.'

" Brock I sure hope so." She said with a sigh. " What do you do here any way?" She asked looking over at him.

" Nothing Xie, you do nothing." Xie yelped and laid her head down. The humans came in again, many of them.

" Clear out time." One said rubbing it's hands together. It walked over to Xie's cage. Brock ran at the wall of the cage barking and growling.

" Lay a bloody has on her and I'll rip this cage apart and rip you damned head off." He barked at the human and slimmed his paws on the cage.

" Shut up ya stupid dog." The human said kicking Brock's cage only getting louder barks from the dog. The human looked back at Xie. "Tomorrow's your day pup." The man laughed. " One last hound for us!" he slammed his hand on the cage and walked away. Xie lay wide eyed in the back of her cage not moving, hardly breathing, out or pure frear. SHe watched as dogs were dragged from their cages into that room.

" I'm not dying today!" Yelled one as it was dragged away. The dog grabbed the rope on a pole and ripped it from the humans hand, but was soon caught and dragged into the room screaming.

" Brock! Brock, i can't stand it!" Xie cried. " Brock they kill them in there don't they!? They said I was next! They're going to kill me Brock!" Xie cried and yelped. " No no no!"

" Xie calm down!"The pup let her ears fall back. " I won't let them kill you Xie."

The rest of the day went on slowly, Xie paced in her cage, and slept most of the time. Timber came in like she always did and fed them before the sun went down. Xie curled into her little ball and fell asleep. In the middle of the night Xie hurd the metle door open and she jumped up. Timber and maybe ten other humans came in.

Timber pointedto the first row of dogs. " Those ones need out first, their kill day is tomorrow." The humans nodded and started getting the dogs out. Xie froze and looked over at Brock.

" What are they doing Brock?"

" Timber will get us out of here, take us to a better place." He said staring out his cage. Xie did the same. A small human with messy black hair came and opened her cage.

" Jake." Timber said and the human looked over. " Be careful with her. She's not just a dog." Jake nodded and scooped her up. Another human came and stood outside Brock's cage. He let out a low growl and looked at Timber. " I'll het this one sam." The human nodded and headed off to more cages. Timber opened the door to Brock's cage and smiled. " How do you alway wine up here ya silly ol' boy?" She asked pating his head before slipping a leash over his head.

Xie's eyes went wide as she was taken out to one of the monsters with the glowing yellow eyes. She yelped as she was placed into a cage next other dogs. " It's okay puppy." Jake said petting her head and closing the door. He headed back into the pound.

Brock was placed in a cage next to Xie and the monster started up with a roar. Xie yelped and ran to the back of her cage. After what seemed like ages Xie was taken from her cage by Jake and placed in a large one with grass. Four other dogs were placed in the cage with her. Then Brock. Brock had a grin on his big face as he ran around like a pup,wagging his fuzzy tail. Xie smiled, she guessed this place wouldn't be that bad. It was like heavan.

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