FallenAngel. (Just a scene, not completely finished. In need of ideas/improvements.)

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FallenAngel. (Just a scene, not completely finished. In need of ideas/improvements.)

Post  xXFallenXx on Sun May 20, 2012 12:35 am

Planning on making this into an actualy story, but this is just a scene. I wrote it 3 years ago.

Before this: Jynx is a FallenAngel. Her boyfriend is human. If you touch the area where an angels wings connect to their back, you are sucked into a memory. The angel has NO control over what you see. Kinda sucks in a way. But right now, Chris has been asking lately why Jynx fell from heaven and Jynx never wanted to tell him. So he gave up. Now, he hugged her and thought of something, so he quickly touched that special area on her back and.. yea. Thats where this is.

Enjoy!! And give me feedback on what I can improve.

Chris opened his eyes to bright sunlight. He knew that he was in Jynx's memory......Yea she wa going to KILL him later, but he had to see why she wouldn't talk about Heaven or her father. She had been an angel... Wsn't Heaven supposed to be all nice and friendly? Amazing and peaceful? He sat up, and shook his head, loose grass falling off his shirt. A warm breeze ruffled his dark hair and his electric blue eyes scanned the area around him, taking it all in.

He was in a bright little clearing, no more than 30 or 40 feet across. Aroud the clearning was a forest. But something was... Weird. The light from the clearning seemed not to affect the looming darkness. It was black as night within the outstretched arms of the trees. His ears caught a faint thumping sound, followed by sliding. A few more thumps. More sliding. The sounds got louder as they got closer. Well... SOMETHING was being dragged. He wondered if he should hide, but decide since he was in a memory they couldn't see him. He turned his body toward the sound, just as he saw 3 shapes in the blackness of the forest. One on each side, and one in the middle. That was was shorter than the other two. Ah-ha. That was the one making the noise. Surely whoever it was deserved it!!

The two guards dragged the prisoner out into the clearing and Chris froze. Shit. He knew that figure. It was Jynx. But this was not the Jynx he knew and loved. This Jynx was Angelic, and pure. Blond hair, tan skin, and pure white wings. It was then he noticed what was really different right now. Jynx's wings were torn and bloodstained. Her white cotton prison dress was ripped to shreds and it barely covered her body, and it too was scarlett. Her body shook with waves on pain. She looked up into the bright sun as they emerged from the trees and Chris saw her eyes were blue. On her face were multiple cuts and bruises. Rage sudenly welled up inside Chris and he leaped forward, and swung at one of the guards, his fist going for the mans jaw... And passed right through. Chris stumbled forward as his momentum had nothing to stop it. Damn! He was in a memory. He couldn't do anything about this situation.

He regained his balance and walked quickly to Jynx, who was just getting to her hands and knees. She tried to take a deep breath, but it caught in her throat and her body spazmed with a rough, wet cough. She covered her mouth with her hand. As she pulled it away, Chris saw bright red drops glistening off the palm of her slender hand. He closed his eyes, terrible rage and pain flooding through him. Who could have done this? On of the guards spoke. "Jynx Marie Wayland. You have been called to trial today by the High ArchAngel Ithuriel."

About the time the angel said the name, another angel walked from the darkness. This angel had the biggest wings of them all, and gave on an aura of importance. He was dressed in a more modern style than the others. A pure white tux, with a red tie. Just as Jynx caught sight of the man, she moved towards him. The guards grabbed her shoulders and pushed her back down to her knees. She cried out. "Father!! Please!" She sobbed, tears running down her face, leaving wet lines through the blood. The man hesitated, but continued forward until he was right before her.

"Please, Father, I knew not what I did, an-" Her plea was cut short as Ithuriel raised a fist, and brought his knuckles down acoss her cheekbones in a vicious backhanded slap. The blow made Jynx gasp and fall back. She looked back up at him, a fresh cut on her cheek making a trail of red. Her blue eyes gazed up into identical ones. Ones of her father. Ones of the man that would decide her fate. "You have no father." He said coldly, before turning away.

((All I have time for now. I shall post the rest later.))

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